After his mother was hit and killed by a car, a puppy, now named Baby, was left on the street to take care of himself.

A good Samaritan started leaving him and other homeless people with food and water every day. Every time he went outside, he saw the puppy in the same spot, as if he was waiting for his lost mother to come back for him.

The baby was saved just in time, thank goodness, before it was too late. He was scared to ride in a car for the first time, but he was just happy to get off the cold streets.

He was taken to the vet, where he got his shots, deworming, tick and flea medicine, and medicine for parasites. He was lucky that he got a clean bill of health.

On his first night, he ate a lot and slept a lot, two things he hadn’t been able to do much of while living on the streets.

His bubbly personality came out after he finally got a good night’s sleep. He was very active and playful, as well as alert and smart.

Baby was also adopted and now has a second chance at life in a sensitive and nurturing home.

By Anna

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