Bonded pairs don’t have to be family members, they could be two dogs. Scroll down to see for yourself if you don’t believe us!

Merrill and Taco are pit bulls and a chihuahua who was given up to a shelter in San Francisco called Rocket Dog Rescue. Even though they were of different breeds, they became good friends and couldn’t be separated. They were always with each other, did everything together, and never parted ways. If they were split up, they’d cry.

When shelter workers and volunteers saw how close they were, they knew that they couldn’t live without each other and needed to be adopted together. But there aren’t many people who are willing to take both of them in.

Then, they told the story of Taco and Merrill on social media, hoping to find them a family. “These two love each other more than any pair that has ever lived together at the shelter. They cry when they have to be apart from each other. These powerful pair have already lost their families and their homes. We can’t let them lose each other now!”

The story spread quickly, and a family in San Diego heard about it in the end. Both Merrill and Taco made them fall in love, so they decided to bring them both home. The family took care of the two dogs and made sure they were always together. They said they would share photos of the two to let everyone know how they were doing.

Taco lived with his new family for three years before he passed away. Even though he passed, he had a home for the rest of his life and a wonderful last three years.

“Yesterday, we had a very sad day. Taco is no longer with us. Even though he was small, he was a big deal. When we took him in, we thought we’d have him for a year. There were three. We’re so glad to have him as part of our family.”

By Anna

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