Some people say it’s not a good idea to have a dog around a small child. Even more so when it comes to a dog breed that doesn’t have the best reputation. Pit bulls, which many people see as unpredictable and dangerous, are probably at the top of this list.

Well, this mom in California thinks her pit bull is a hero. And it couldn’t be any other way after the kind dog saved the life of her human sister. Mom Latana Chai says that her daughter Masailah and her dog Sasha have always been together. They were born only a few days apart and even shared a bed. But when a fire broke out in their building, their unique, unbreakable bond became clear.

On Saturday, a few minutes after midnight, Sasha did something very strange. “I heard a loud crash and thought, “What’s going on?” I could hear Sasha crying, and she was constantly jumping at the door. “She ran in and started barking as soon as I opened the door,” Latana told Kare 11.

When the woman opened the door for Sasha, the dog ran right into the room where the baby was sleeping. Then Latana saw smoke coming from the ceiling. It was coming from the neighbor’s house, which was on fire.

The mom quickly ran into her daughter’s room as soon as she realized she was in danger. But Sasha had already grabbed Masailah by the diaper and was pulling her to safety, which surprised her. Sasha’s early warning barks are what the family says kept them safe. This story shows once again that it doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have; what matters is how you raise it. Because every dog is faithful, smart, and cute.

Watch the video below to learn more about this brave dog and how she saved a person’s life:

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