Twenty-nine-years-old Both Cara Delevingne and Selena Gomez have achieved a great deal of success in the entertainment industry, and the two are also very good friends. These two maintain their commitment to one another in a manner that would be considered severe by others.

When one encounters their favorite actor, musician, or rapper, it is very natural for them to behave like a fangirl. Even the most famous people have their embarrassing moments, and it generally happens when they meet their heroes.

However, there are instances when fans go a little bit too far with their enthusiasm. The manner in which model Cara Delevingne interacted with rapper Megan Thee Stallion at this year’s Billboard Music Awards caused a lot of people online to scratch their heads and wonder what was going on.

Stallion, who ended up winning the award for best female rap artist, had to compete with an animated Delevingne for her attention for the whole of the ceremony. Stallion ultimately prevailed.

In one of the videos, Delevingne can be seen walking onto the red carpet where Stallion was posing and holding up her train while pushing her way into a discussion that is taking place between Doja Cat and the person who won the award. These are only some of the occurrences that took place.

It seems to be a distinguishing characteristic of Cara Delevingne that she goes above and beyond for those whom she respects and admires. She chose to physically represent this by getting matching tattoos with her close buddy Gomez.

The tattoo is also not subtle, as it consists of a huge rose that is located on the side of the model and actress’s ribcage. Gomez is not afraid to take risks, as seen by the big rose that cascades down the nape of her neck and down her back.

Gomez has expressed the following after opening up about her desire to have a massive, beautiful blossom permanently tattooed on her body together with her friend:

“It might have more than one meaning depending on the context. But Cara [Delevingne], one of my closest friends whom I’ve known for a long time and whom I’ve known since I was maybe 16 years old when I met her, she calls me “Rosebud.” It’s only a moniker, but I’ve always fancied having a rose as a pet. Now that I have one, which I really adore,”

The actress and singer also said that this is not the first meaningful tattoo that she has shared with someone significant in her life, naming her mother and closest friends as some of the people who have been a part of these other tattoos with her.

Delevingne is not afraid to embody and vocalize her truth, and she is not hesitant to exhibit strong adoration for the people in her life who are important to her. When asked about her sexuality in an open setting, she stated:

“I don’t see that changing anytime soon since I identify as pansexual. I fall in love with the person regardless of how they describe themselves, whether it’s “they” or “he” or “she,” and that’s all there is to it. I find myself drawn to the other individual.”

She did confess, though, that she did have issues with her sexuality when she was a youngster, but that she finally overcame those issues and learned to embrace and love herself.

Consequently, despite the fact that her sexuality has been called into question in the entertainment industry of Hollywood itself, this multitalented artist continues to date anyone she pleases.

In 2013, Delevingne started a relationship with the musician Jake Bugg, and the following year, in 2014, she began a relationship with the actress Michelle Rodriguez.

After a brief fling with actor Jack O’Connell in 2014, Delevingne moved on to a relationship with artist St. Vincent, whom she dated for over two years beginning in 2015.

This was followed by her most serious relationship, which lasted from 2018 through 2020 and was with her girlfriend at the time, Ashley Benson. This actress is just like the majority of us; she is seeking for love, regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of the person she dates. In her own words:

“Simply put, when I’m in love, I perform at a higher level. That doesn’t always imply in the company of a certain person. It is also possible to imply “with myself.” When you aren’t confronting the world by yourself, when you have someone else by your side, it’s simply a great feeling.”

Fortunately for Delevingne, whether or not she has a love partner, she is never alone with her friends, and they show the same profound affection for her as she expresses for them. As both Fiona Apple and Taylor Swift alluded to, Delevingne represents the ideal balance of confinement and independence.


It is clear that among all of her connections, the one between Delevingne and Gomez is exceptional because of the enormous roses that are tattooed on both of their bodies. To the point where they will utilize their chemistry to act out a scene where they are lovers. In the next season of “Only Murders in the Building,” this will take place. The showrunner, John Hoffman, was quoted as saying:

“It was incredible that the two of them knew one other and were able to feel at ease with one another. It’s a bit sparky in all the right ways, and it gives you the feeling that someone’s world is being opened up by someone else.”

The first episode of the program will be available on Hulu in the month of June of this year, and we can’t wait to see what these two incredible friends have in store for us.

It’s not only the pairing of Delevingne and Gomez that has us anticipating their on-screen appearances with bated breath. Rather, there have been rumblings that the characters Donna Noble, played by Catherine Tate, and Doctor James McCrimmon, portrayed by David Tennant, would make an appearance in an upcoming episode of “Doctor Who.”

Given that the talented Ncuti Gatwa will be portraying the new Doctor, it goes without saying that the program is already destined to be impressive. However, it would be wonderful to have a cameo appearance based on fond memories or perhaps a return. Discover which, if any, of these rumors have any basis in reality by reading this.

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