There are about 6,600 adult cheetahs still living in the wild. You might think that being the fastest animal on land would help cheetahs get away from their natural enemies and poachers, but that’s not the case.

Conservation efforts to save the species have since started, and rescue groups are working with local communities and zoos to help the cheetah population, which is getting smaller. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio has promised to help save wildlife.

Cheetahs don’t have a reputation for being outgoing and friendly. In the wild, cheetahs spend most of their time alone.

They form a coalition with two or three male cheetahs, but they can only stand to be close to each other. Cheetah males only stay with females for a few days after mating. The females raise the cubs on their own.

Cheetahs are known for being shy and always moving around. They never stay in one place for long. This could be a problem if cheetahs end up in zoos where they can’t get away from other animals and have nowhere else to go.

Emmett the cheetah cub ended up at the Columbus Zoo because of this. When he got to the zoo, he was only two weeks old because his mother couldn’t care for him well enough.

Emmett had other brothers and sisters, but they died.
Emmett was raised by hand while he was being treated for pneumonia at the same time. He was a fighter, so he got through it.

Emmett chose a yellow Labrador Retriever named Cullen to be his puppy friend.

Emmett, like all cheetahs, is shy and quick to move.

Growing up with Cullen will give him more confidence as they learn their way around their new home. All of the cheetah cubs that live at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium grow up with their own dogs.

Their friendship also helps people understand how bad the situation is for cheetahs in the wild.

Emmett had almost no family when he went to the zoo.

With the help of Cullen, his friend puppy, he became more comfortable and confident around other animals.

These two powerful people might not even know how different they are from each other.

They only know that they are brothers and should help each other out.

Since they were young, they have been friends and have a strong bond.

Emmett and Cullen are more than just people who live at the Columbus Zoo at this point. They have an important job that they do every day, in addition to playing, which is also very important.

Emmett speaks up for other cheetahs who need help. Emmett is less shy and nervous in new places because he grew up with his brother Cullen in a unique way.

The cheetahs go around the zoo and make appearances to speak up for their fellow big cats. Sharing their stories has made more people aware of the ongoing efforts to protect their species.

Emmett and other cheetahs need our help to stay alive in the wild. Emmett is one of the lucky ones who has found a safe and loving new home.

Emmett’s journey to becoming a “spokescheetah” for his fellow animals has been a lot easier with Cullen by his side. Let’s hope that these two will have a lot more fun times together.

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