People often feel sorry for homeless children and animals. But this story made a lot of people on the Internet feel deeply.

Maria Cubs lives in the Philippines like any other person. Once, the girl was walking around the city of Quezon when she saw something that made her cry. A little boy held a puppy in his arms and sang a lullaby to it.

Maria can’t walk past. She got closer to the child and asked him about his life. The boy’s name turned out to be Rommel, and he is 11 years old. After his parents got a divorce, the kid ended up on the street. He sleeps on stones instead of on a warm bed. Maria also learned that Rommel has an older sister who lives in a different town. And the boy’s biggest wish is not to go back home, but to go back to school!

Rommel’s life would be very sad, but he is not the only one on the street. The child found a small dog and named it Badji.

Rommel is no longer alone. He has a true friend who won’t lie to him. The boy takes care of Badji and sings his songs to help him sleep. The puppy makes the boy’s free time more fun and keeps him warm.

Maria Cubs was very moved by the story of a boy and a small dog who was left alone. She put a message on her social network about the time Rommel sang a lullaby to the puppy. The video quickly went viral on the Internet, making many people cry.

By Anna

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