Monty has been in a kennel for seven years, but no one wants to adopt him.

At an animal shelter in Edenbridge, England, Monty has been called one of the “most ignored dogs” in the country.

Monty has really worked at a rescue for the last seven of his eight years. Lastly, the staff at Opportunity Pet Rescue doesn’t know why Monty hasn’t already found a permanent home.

Monty’s first year of life was spent in a small cage. Because he was neglected and mistreated when he was young, he had trouble trusting people and was slumped over when he got to the rescue. Monty is sad because few people want to adopt him.

The experts think Monty’s back is arched because his former owners kept him in a crate that was too small for him for a long time. Because of this, he has trouble trusting people. According to his fostering ad, he needs a foster parent who can show him that not everyone is bad.

Monty likes the attention and cuddles he gets from the group at the rescue, but he hasn’t been the best animal in the past. Instead, he made a growling sound and moved toward them. Since he went to the shelter without barking, he can now walk by them without being bothered.

Actually, Monty only wants one owner who cares about him. He doesn’t want to share, and he can get very jealous, which could make him mean. Since he is mean to animals, he needs to wear a muzzle in public. When he sees them, he will bark and pull. Unfortunately, he gets so angry when he sees other dogs that he bites your legs when he tries to get to them. This means that his next owner will need to be very strong. But now that he lives in Last Chance, Monty can walk without bothering the dog or kicking your legs, though it will take him a while to get used to this in his new home.

Monty would do best in a home where there are no other dogs and where his training can continue. He is a very active dog who likes to run and chase tennis balls, but he never brings them back.

“We’ve had Monty for so long because he’s not an easy pet dog, but we’re sure there’s someone out there who will love him for what he is: a bit of a rogue! So, to sum up, we want an adult-only, single-person home with no other pets, lots of patience, love, a yard, and tennis rounds. Before fostering him, we would need to spend a lot of time with him, so someone not too far from us would be best (unless you love long and frequent trips). If you think you might be Monty’s “human,” please give us a call. We’d love to talk to you.”

Please tell your family, friends, and social media contacts about Monty. We have helped pets with much bigger problems find their dream homes. We know that Monty’s new family lives nearby and has been waiting for this wonderful dog.

By Anna

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