Molly, the dog has always had a knack for making everyone she meets feel as though they are welcome, and now that she lives at Carolina Equine Rescue and Assistance (CERA), a nonprofit that provides care for abused, neglected, and abandoned horses, she has plenty of opportunities to exercise this talent.

The golden retriever has an unconditional affection for all of the animals at the refuge, whether they are canines, felines, swine, goats, or horses. Because of this, he makes sure that every newcomer at the sanctuary is aware that they have someone on their side from the very beginning.

As the creator of CERA, Darlene Kindle, told The Dodo, “She simply walks up to them with a wagging tail, and sniffs them and kisses them like a long-lost buddy.”

Therefore, when Sammie, an underweight silver dapple miniature horse, came at the rescue earlier this month, the three-year-old canine immediately recognized that he need her assistance.

In the month of July, an animal control officer in South Carolina discovered Sammie roaming the streets. He was hardly more than skin and bones at that point. Animal control was aware that in order for the neglected young horse to have any chance of survival over the following several days, he required special attention and treatment.

The horse was determined to be 100 pounds underweight during an examination at a local veterinary facility. Additionally, the horse was found to have unpleasant teeth problems as well as a probable birth abnormality that caused trouble with his hind legs.

The amount of time and money required to bring the horse back to health was enormous, and the veterinarian recommended that Sammie be put down if animal control was unable to locate a rescue organization that would be willing to take him in.

Kindle was contacted by the animal shelter in the hopes of placing the horse in a new home, and she immediately phoned the veterinarian to inquire about the costs associated with treating Sammie.

“I asked him a whole lot of questions, and my final question to him was, ‘Does he have the will to live in his eyes?'” “I asked him a whole bunch of questions,” Kindle said. “The veterinarian answered my question with an instant “Yes,” and I said, “OK, I’ll take him.” If he’s prepared to put up a fight, then I’ll do everything I can to assist him in doing so.'”

When Sammie arrived at the rescue, he immediately demonstrated to Kindle how determined he was to recover from his injuries. Kindle described the moment when the lion “quickly lowered his head to the ground and began munching grass.”

Molly was there, as she usually is, to greet the visitor, but Sammie was much too interested in his dinner to give her his whole attention. Molly was there to welcome the newcomer.

Molly paid a further visit to Sammie’s brand-new enclosure after their short encounter earlier that day.

“It was later that evening after Sammie was bedded down, and Molly was with me, and she simply strolled up to him,” Kindle recalled. “I don’t sleep well at night so I was out here sitting in the rocking rocker.”

Kindle took out her phone to record the adorable interplay between the dog and the horse, and she did it successfully.

“She was assuring him that everything was going to be well, as well as herself, and that he would be fine as well. “Just have some patience because this woman over here is going to assist you,” Kindle instructed. “She was soothing him and ensuring that he is content with being in this location.”

The video was posted on Kindle’s Facebook page one week ago, and since then, the post has received hundreds of thousands of views and shares.

According to a post that was made on Facebook by Kindle, “Molly actually has an incredible sense of sensing when one of the animals isn’t feeling well or unhappy.” “And so she begins by very humbly presenting herself. This is the work that she does, and as you can see, she is quite adept at it.

It won’t be possible to treat several of Sammie’s medical problems until he puts on more weight; thus, for the time being, he is focusing on building the muscles in his hindquarters by going on short “power walks” with Kindle and eating three nutritious meals a day. Kindle also joins him.

Sammie seemed to be content with the fact that he has a buddy to encourage him along the journey, despite the possibility that there could be some challenging days in the future.

Watch the video here:

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