The young couple had no plans to adopt a dog, but when a kind-hearted young man of 17 asked them, they found it impossible to refuse.

After almost four years, the animal shelter was visited by a young couple of compassionate individuals who adored dogs. It was the month of December, and Beth and Michael, an endearing couple, had made up their minds to kick off the summer holidays on a philanthropic note. They had every intention of giving the items to a local animal shelter.

When the couple went to Anne Arundel County Animal Control, they did not intend to adopt a pet in any way, shape, or form. On the other hand, this was before they were introduced to Rocky. Due to the fact that it was now the year 2012, Beth and Michael were told that the terrible Rocky had been a refuge resident for the previous three years. When they first met him, Candy Senior Dog had 17 years under his belt. Unfortunately, depending on how it seems, this unfortunate dog is going to spend his last days in an overcrowded kennel.

Thankfully, things were about to take a turn for the better for Rocky. The pair could not stand the sight of his sweet face any longer. Both Beth and Michael had an emotional connection with the elderly dog at that time.

The next thing I know, I’m going for hikes with Rocky!” “We were there to donate a variety of items that I had gathered with the help of my navy neighbors, and I observed the rock path and couldn’t stop wondering about that cute historical face.” “We were there to donate a variety of items that I had gathered with the help of my navy neighbors.” The words “I’m so thrilled!” came out of Beth’s mouth during an interview with Bored Panda. The doting couple welcomed their new furbaby into their home only a few days before Christmas, which gave them plenty of time to ensure that Rocky’s first Christmas with his forever family was the greatest Christmas ever.

Beth’s coronary heart used to be so full of love for Rocky after she adopted him that she resolved to express her feelings to him in a beautiful letter. She wrote the letter after she adopted Rocky. She vowed in her letter to Loki that she would be at his side till the very end of his life and expressed her admiration for the fortunate position he had in her life.

After receiving Beth’s letter, the Anne Arundel County Animal Shelter posted the following message on their Facebook page:

“When I decided to take you with me, I did it with the understanding that we would have to take better care of you. When I realized that one day I wouldn’t be able to go outside in time to use the bathroom, I had to find a way to relax. When I realized that one day you wouldn’t have access to power, I realized that one day I’d have to lift you up the stairs. I was aware that you were going to have visual and hearing loss at some time in the future. We will need to invest extra money in order to make your house a safer place to live. I was prepared for the fact that I would have to part ways with you sometime. But until then, you are the finest present that was ever given to me, and while I am sorry that I couldn’t give you the first-class 17 years that you deserved, I assure you that you will enjoy a high-quality lifestyle from now until the day that I have to say goodbye!

Rocky adapted quite quickly to living a regular life with the people whom he loved. Rocky was cared for by the kind couple, who made sure he didn’t go hungry while they were looking after him.

All of his heart’s deepest yearnings have been satiated with love and consideration. They made it a point to provide Rocky with the kinds of opportunities that every dog of his breed should have at some point in his life. Including, and most importantly, the delight of consuming bowls upon bowls of doggy ice cream!

Loki matured into a human person who devoted himself to achieving the highest possible standards. As he watched them go about home, his favorite thing to do was sing and dance with them. One of his all-time favorite things to do was to cuddle up with his mother for some nice and warm naps when the weather was pleasant.

“Rocky may have gone through some difficult times in his life, but I made a promise to him that for as long as he is here, he would be crammed full of pleasure, love, and lots of tasty goodies.” “He absolutely filled in a gap in our lives, and we couldn’t be happier or more satisfied to be able to call ourselves his parents,” Beth adds. A year later, in the autumn of 2016, the couple made the announcement that they had arranged an incredible surprise for their beloved Rocky at the retail location.

Rocky used to be really ecstatic about the birth of the couple’s child, Hazel, who came sometime later. Much though he was 18 years old at the time, the fact that he had a child to look for kept him in good health and made him happy for even longer. It was very evident that Rocky adored spending as much time as he could with his new baby sister.

The life of this great senior dog may not have been easy for the first 17 years of his life, but he now resides in the perfect home with his family, who is always there for him to show his affection. We are pleased that the kind couple has chosen to give Rocky the wonderful life he has always deserved and are thrilled that they will be able to do so.

If there’s anything, in particular, you’re searching for, or if you’re looking for a way to give back over the Christmas season, you may want to think about visiting an animal shelter in your area and giving the most meaningful present of all: the gift of your love.

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