A touching video captures the moment when a guy gives his dog a hug and it turns out to be the cutest thing ever. The guy was working beneath his vehicle to repair something when his canine companion, a Golden Retriever, crawled down to show him how much she cares for him. In the end, a bear embrace is something that can never go unappreciated, regardless of the circumstances.

In a scenario that will melt your heart, the devoted Golden Retriever insists on getting some hugs and kisses from her owner, despite the fact that her owner seems to be somewhat busy. The guy was building drawers beneath the vehicle, but his dog really needs his attention, and she didn’t wait too long to receive it. While the man was installing the drawers, his dog was waiting patiently. The video was taken in Australia, where the endearing event took place, and it was documented on camera.

The gentleman, who is intent on putting in some drawers, doesn’t seem to be in the least bit perturbed by the pleasant interruption. As soon as he understands what the dog’s intentions are, he puts down his tools and does something in return for the favor. The adorable canine seems to be overjoyed that she was able to achieve what she desired, and after affectionately kissing the ear of her owner, she just flops down on his chest and rests her head on top of his face.

There are times when one has to see a film like this one in order to fully comprehend the depth of love that dogs are capable of bestowing onto their human companions. Golden Retrievers are often regarded as being among the most sociable and devoted pets for families, despite the fact that all dogs in general are known for their kindness and friendliness.

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