Chunk, a Golden Retriever who was three years old at the time, was playing catch with his owners, Marie and James Zangara, on June 6 when he suddenly got frightened and bolted into the nearby woods.

Since Chunk was last seen at his owner’s house on Sunday, the owner has done everything in his power to find him, including posting fliers and contacting the authorities.

But it wasn’t until more than three weeks later that New Jersey State Police Soldiers Ryan Koehler got a call informing them that a golden retriever had actually been seen swimming in Barnegat Bay on the Jersey Coast and required their assistance in rescuing it. The call came from a person who said the dog was in danger.

He dove into the sea as they attempted to seize him but they were unsuccessful. The cops utilized the Zodiac boat to guide the engine towards the canine, which was located around 75 yards away from the shore. They bring the pup down to the ground with caution and place it on a pier that is located behind a rope house. He had already swum approximately two kilometers across the water by the time he was rescued from his precarious situation.

At the time, Chuck was very worn out, and he gave the impression of being hungry and on the edge of starvation.

As soon as they were on land, Chunk recoiled in terror and hissed at the approaching troops. However, until Chunk’s family came, they made sure he was secure by keeping him by their side the whole time. When a member of Chuck’s family made a full recovery from their ordeal, the rest of Chuck’s family let out a sigh of relief, and the dog was thrilled to be reunited with his human relatives.

The three-year-old boy known as Chunk had been gone for more than two weeks at this point. He could hardly contain his elation at being reunited with his contented owners.

Because of this, Chuck is going to have a lot of life lessons to learn, and one of them is that he is never going to try to run away from home again!

I am relieved to hear that he arrived home without incident. lovely boy.

Such a lovely Golden Retriever! We are overjoyed beyond words that he was located unharmed. We give him hugs because we are dog people, and he is a real fighter.

Thank you, God.

By Elen

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