One image is worth a thousand words when it comes to capturing the warmth and companionship that exists between a man and his dog.

Meet North, a valiant Alaskan malamute who, despite the treacherous circumstances, was able to keep his dad safe.

On Saturday, a teenage climber was hurt while climbing Mount Velebit and was left stranded 5,600 feet above sea level. According to The Associated Press, a rescue team consisting of 27 people attempted to scale a mountain range that runs along the coast of Croatia and the Adriatic Sea. However, the ascent was made more difficult by terrible weather conditions, ice, and fallen tree boughs.

The hiker was fortunate in that he had his dog, North, with him while he was out on the trail. North refused to leave his father even as the night became darker and the temperature decreased. He stood vigil over his father and kept him warm until assistance arrived.

On their Facebook page, Hrvatska Gorska Slubavanja (HGSS) remarked, “Friendship and affection between man and dog know no limits.” “North made it through the ordeal without suffering any injuries, but a young climber who was climbing with him did not fare as well. He cuddled up next to him and provided him with warmth with his own body.

Around midnight, search and rescue workers located the lost hiker and his dog, and were able to provide them with medical assistance the next morning.

Because of North’s determination, his father was able to get through the night and down the mountain safely.

According to the continuation of the post on Facebook, “North’s devotion did not cease with the arrival of the rescuers.” “He posed as one of us and watched over his guy for a total of thirteen hours. This serves as a model for us to follow in terms of how we should care for one another.”

While North is now unwinding at home and enjoying an abundance of scrumptious snacks and affection from his family, it is anticipated that his father will make a complete recovery.

The dog is being hailed as a hero, but to the fluffy boy, all he was doing was what any good buddy would do – looking out for his companion and making sure he was okay on the way home.

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