People can be very terrible to animals. Fortunately, some of us are not scared to step in and save an innocent animal from being harmed.

Before a compassionate lady rescued his life, Zephyr nearly didn’t have a happy ending. He now delivers daily hugs and kisses of appreciation to his adoptive parents.

Irene was taking a walk in a neighboring park last year when she observed a guy headed toward the river. She approached the guy, expecting to find him carrying something in his hands, but she was unprepared for what she saw.

“He had a newborn kitten in his hands, and I understood I needed to act quickly,” Irene recounts. “I managed to shove the guy seconds before he would’ve tossed a kitten into the river.”

Irene had no clue that day would end in her rescue of a cat, but it did. The small cat was alive, quivering in the cold.

Zephyr, the name Irene gave the cat, has been kissing her face as often as he can to convey his thanks. “He didn’t want to let go of me,” Irene added.

“He does it virtually every day and either brush against my face or tries to lick it up.” Let’s get to know him better:

Irene protected Zephyr from a guy threatening to toss him into a river.

Irene took Zephyr in while he was only a small kitten, and she eventually got him acquainted with her other, more experienced cat at home. One year later, the two cats are still inseparable from one other.

Irene remarked that the elderly cat treated the little kitten as if he were his own son. “They are both very cute as they snuggle up to one other and kiss each other’s faces.”
The once homeless man was given a second shot at life, and he is making the most of the opportunity he has been given.

Irene said that Zephyr was always in need of attention and that he enjoyed it when either she or the older cat would play chase with him. It’s his favorite game when I toss a toy mouse in the air and he catches it and brings it back to me. He is able to chase the mouse all evening long without becoming exhausted.

And since then, he hasn’t stopped praising her. by means of embraces and kisses.

Irene adds, “He completely altered the course of my life.” “With his boundless amount of activity, he is my very own little ray of sunshine. It’s very much like having a little kid… You can learn a lot from it.

By Anna

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