Miranda Lambert has had her fair share of difficult relationships with her exes, but her husband’s personal history was similarly fraught with scandal, including allegations that he cheated on his ex-fiancĂ©. Miranda Lambert has had her fair share of difficult relationships with her exes.

The last ten years have been something of a love rollercoaster for the American country artist Miranda Lambert. Before she started dating her now-husband, Brendan McLoughlin, she had a string of troubled relationships, including a prior marriage, a difficult divorce, and a couple whirlwind romances that didn’t last long.

The singer known for her hit “Settling Down” started dating the R&B musician Anderson East a few months after the dissolution of her marriage to singer-songwriter Blake Shelton, which had lasted for four years. A person close to Lambert who spoke with Us Weekly claimed that she and East were “truly enjoying each other’s company” around the period indicated in the article.

After going through a contentious divorce in the spotlight, it felt like the ideal time for Lambert to start dating East. The artist known for the song “Wildcard” “couldn’t have selected a finer person to have fun with,” according to a source close to East who made this revelation.

Before the internet began to speculate about a probable breach between the pair, they had just celebrated their second year of being together as a couple. There were suspicions of a split when Lambert and East stopped posting about one other on social media and ceased sharing anything related to their relationship.

This notion was subsequently validated by a variety of sources that are intimately connected to Lambert. One of them even said in an interview with Us Weekly that the pair could get back together at some point in the future.

A few months later, an anonymous source let out that Lambert had begun a relationship with another person while she was still dating East. During this period, Lambert was out on tour, and it was said that she became friendly with Evan Felker, the vocalist for the band Turnpike Troubadours.

In Lambert’s life, this fresh start in the love department was likewise cut short too soon. After dating for just a short period of time, the artist known as “Vice” revealed that she and Felker had ended their relationship and that she was “happily single.” She went on to say that despite the ups and downs that occurred in her romantic life, she was thankful for the songs that were influenced by it.


After a few months had passed, the vocalist from “The Pistol Annies” gave a performance on an edition of “Good Morning America.” This was the first time she had ever met her future husband, Brendan McLoughlin, who works for the police department in New York City.

According to an article published in People, it didn’t take long for Lambert to fall hopelessly in love with McLoughlin, who is 10 years younger than she is. On January 26, 2019, Lambert and McLoughlin married in a private ceremony at a farm on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. Prior to their wedding, the couple had been dating for three months.

She wrote to her internet fans and followers on Valentine’s Day to let them know the news, which she shared with them as follows:

“I was lucky enough to find the one. And that’s how it went down!

Eventually, the singer of “Heart Like Mine” disclosed the reasons why she had kept the details of her wedding a secret. Particularly after being subjected to intense public scrutiny on her previous relationships, she made the deliberate decision to have her wedding in secret.

She described how the dissolution of her previous marriage was just as huge and public as the wedding, and she expressed the desire for her second marriage to be different in this regard. It was the lead singer’s decision to keep many aspects of her wedding day a secret from her guests. She did, however, disclose the fact that not even the Pistol sisters were invited to the occasion. She said that “this was my time, and his,” and went on to say the following:

“I feel like I’ve been through enough in my life to know what I don’t want, so when I know what I do want, I grab it with both hands,” she said. “I’ve been through enough in my life to know what I don’t want.”


Despite the fact that Lambert’s marriage seems to provide her happiness, the reality is that it turned out to be far more problematic than her past tumultuous romantic relationships. A piece by Us Weekly that surfaced just a few weeks after their wedding brought to light the complicated love history of McLoughlin.

A television news woman named Jackie Bruno was his fiancee for a short time before he ended up marrying Lambert. Carol, Jackie’s mother, said that the NYPD officer had an affair with another woman called Kaihla Rettinger and pregnant her while he was still engaged to her daughter Jackie. Carol claimed that the officer fathered the child with Kaihla while he was still engaged to her daughter.

Carol said that her daughter had no idea about the romance at all, and that Rettinger was the one who finally broke the news to her. She went on to say that McLoughlin attempted to deny having an affair and asked Jackie to remain with him even after being confronted with it.

It was disclosed by Carol that McLoughlin and Jackie had been engaged for a few months and had been dating for close to two years before becoming engaged. Carol also said that McLoughlin often left a pregnant Rettinger at his house while he ate supper had her place, as she stated that he did.

He was referred to by Carol as a “lying, deceitful, cunning, and egotistical [person].” Carol claimed that Jackie was “mortified” after learning about the secret wedding, and she added that the New York City police officer had been living “a hidden double life.” Carol was speaking about Jackie’s response to the news of the secret wedding.


Despite both of their troubled histories, Lambert and McLoughlin seem to be content in their marriage, as shown by the fact that they just celebrated their third wedding anniversary. The artist, who is now 38 years old, marked the occasion by posting a happy image on their Instagram account.

In addition, over the course of the last three years, the singer has graciously agreed to take on the role of stepmother to McLoughlin’s son Landon. In an interview that took place in 2019, Miranda Lambert discussed her connection with the kid, stating the following:

“My stepson is just remarkable.”

At the beginning of this year, there were rumors circulating that Lambert and McLoughlin were actively trying to have a family. A source close to Lambert shared the news that the couple hoped to start thinking about having a child not long after celebrating their third wedding anniversary.

A source close to the situation also shared the information that Lambert is overjoyed, and that Brendan has always looked forward to the possibility of having children with her.

Lambert continues to be there for Landon, who is now 3 years old, even though she and her partner are very much looking forward to having their own child together. A few short days after the covert wedding, Rettinger and McLoughlin welcomed their son Landon into the world.

In 2019, Lambert had confessed that she liked spending time with her husband and son and that she appreciated having a healthy balance between life in New York City and life in Nashville. She had also opened up about the wonderful bond that she and her husband have with Landon.

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