Princess Diana found a friend in singer Michael George during her unhappy marriage to Prince Charles. Some people claim that the Princess saw him as more than a friend. Keep reading to find out why the duo’s romantic relationship didn’t work out. Diana and Charles’s union will always be remembered for the many traumatic occurrences that occurred.But, at the beginning, their love seemed like a fairy tale. The former couple first met in November 1977 at Diana’s family estate in Northamptonshire, England. The Princess of Wales was only 16 years old, and Charles was already dating her older sister. For the two of them, starting a romantic relationship wasn’t a priority.

In July 1980, an incident at a mutual friend’s house would start the relationship between three people. By September of the same year, the pair’s relationship was made public after Diana was discovered on royal private land in the highlands of Scotland. Charles and his ex-wife continued their romance for a few more months before the former asked questions at Windsor Castle. February 1981.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales, shared a kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace following their wedding on July 29, 1981. | Source: Getty Images

On February 24, Diana and Charles announced their engagement.Shortly after the Queen broke the great news from Buckingham Palace, the Prince of Wales told The Guardian:

“I am very pleased and genuinely amazed that Dee is willing to take me on.”

Upon marrying on July 29, 1981, Diana and Charles had a beautiful ceremony at Westminster Abbey. However, their marriage was not always happy. An estimated 750 million people tuned in to watch the highly anticipated event in 2017. The following year, Charles and Diana welcomed their first son, Prince William, and Prince Harry followed in 1984.After their second child was born two years ago, Diana and Charles were starting to show signs of wear and tear.

The Prince of Wales’ affair with his former girlfriend, Camila Parker Bowles, caused huge problems in his marriage to Diana. She became increasingly unhappy over time, and eventually drowned in her sorrow. Diana told us that there were three people in this marriage, so it was a bit cramped.The Princess was prevented from discussing her problems with anyone and her remaining years in the union were marked by heartbreak.

It was very sad because many other people would have loved to have Diana by their side, but the man she chose ignored her. According to the report, she was the object of everyone’s affection except for her husband’s.


Experiencing such unhappiness in her marriage made Diana feel very lonely and longed for someone to talk to and understand. Eventually she found someone in the person of English singer-songwriter Michael George.The couple met backstage after a concert, and in James Gavin’s book George Michael: A Life, the author claimed that Diana was instantly in love.

The friendship between Princess Diana and George Michael began after the Princess complimented the singer on his good looks. Over the following years, many people testified about how close the pair was, including former pop columnist Gill Pringle. The man thought that the close friends shared a sense of being prominent public figures, so it was hard to know whom to trust.To keep from falling apart, they had to rely on each other for support.

Agreeing to Garvin’s book, “Michael detected a forlorn lady.” Amid their fellowship, Diana and George would go for lunch together and share profound insider facts. They were so near that the vocalist once called Diana “my sweetheart” and gave her a gold watch. George would uncover that the Princess of Ribs was the as it were individual he knew that might make him feel like an standard individual. He and Diana talked approximately everything, counting the latter’s contemplations around her marriage. Agreeing to one of George’s companions, Andros Georgiou: “This was around two a long time some time recently she and Charles formally isolated. She told him their marriage had been an organized one which , as she’d been so youthful, she’d no genuine thought of what she was getting into.”

Diana and George moreover talked around the Princess’s kids, and concurring to Georgiou, her confront would light up at whatever point she did. Generally, the artist was Diana’s bolster system. Even when her marriage to Charles finished in 1996, George was the one she called to conversation almost it. Without a doubt, the pair’s companionship was honest to goodness, one of the reasons it kept going for more than a decade. Numerous might confirm to how much the Princess worshiped the artist, counting Diana’s chef, Darren McGrady. In a Twitter post, the chef reviewed a wholesome memory of Diana prodding George approximately two reflexive magazines on the front situate with him on the cover whereas driving to Kensington Royal residence.

THE Last mentioned STAGES OF DIANA AND GEORGE’S RELATIONSHIP At a few point in Diana and George’s relationship, the Princess of Grains felt just like the vocalist was more than a companion. Be that as it may, Garvin claimed that George “kept Diana at a cautious remove” and seldom called, indeed in spite of the fact that he suspected that “she was forlorn and would adore to listen a neighborly voice.” According to Garvin, George “detected she had a pulverize on him.” He knew they seem not be together since he was furtively cheerful, so keeping a remove was the most excellent choice. The artist moreover confessed that he knew resting with Diana would have been a deplorable thing to do.

Nevertheless, George continuously gave a tuning in ear to the Princess of Ridges at whatever point she had to tirade approximately her challenges. Tragically, the duo’s relationship finished when Diana kicked the bucket on Admirable 31, 1997. The vocalist was grief stricken when he listened that the Princess’s car had sped through a burrow in Paris whereas the paparazzi were chasing her. As it were Diana’s bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, survived the lethal crash.

George gone to Diana’s burial service that same year and given the melody “You’ve Got Been Cherished” to a Diana Tribute collection. At the time, the artist was dating Kenny Goss, and the team was spotted in open together. George proceeded his life and music career and kicked the bucket in 2016.

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