Nicole Kidman, who was born in the United States and raised in Australia, sprang to fame in the early 1990s after starring with Tom Cruise in the film “Days of Thunder.” Kidman is also a successful producer.

Her performance as Virginia Woolf in the play “The Hours” is what many remember her for today. In addition to her successful job, Nicole Kidman has a lovely family that she can be quite proud of.

The legend, who is 55 years old, is a devoted mother to her four children, whose names are Isabella Jane Cruise, Connor Cruise, Sunday Rose Urban, and Faith Urban. Kidman already has four children, but she expresses a desire to expand her family even more.

The famous actress previously said that if she could have had any number of children, she would have chosen 10. Kidman is content with her life, despite the fact that many of her desires seem unrealistic.

Not only does she have her own children, but she also cares for 12 godchildren, in addition to her six nieces and nephews. Here is all you need to know about the famous actress and her experience becoming a mother.

Nicole Kidman continues to be an inspiration to a large number of women due to the success she has achieved in her professional life and the resilience she has shown in the face of adversity.

Despite the fact that the actress and her family give off the impression of being content at this point in their lives, she had a difficult time conceiving children during her previous marriage.

In 1990, Kidman tied their wedding to Tom Cruise, a famous actor from Hollywood. They were married for more than ten years before deciding to divorce in the year 2001.

Kidman had difficulty becoming pregnant during their marriage, therefore the couple was unable to have children. Adoption was the method that the former couple used in order to complete their family. After Isabella was born in Miami, Florida, in 1992, she was placed up for adoption by the couple, and she became their first child and daughter.

In 1996, the couple adopted Connor, making them parents of two children exactly four years after they welcomed Isabella into the world as their first child. Both Kidman and Tom were content with the decision to adopt, although the former desired to have her own biological child.

Kidman’s dream came true when she married Keith Urban for a second time earlier this year. The two people who would later fall in love were introduced to one another in 2005 during a celebration in Los Angeles called G’Day USA that honored Australians.

The actress fell in love with Keith the moment she laid eyes on him, and while he didn’t reciprocate her feelings right away, he ultimately did, and they started dating after that. They tied the knot in Manly, Australia, in June 2006, and ever since then, they have been living together.

Kidman and Keith have, on several occasions, discussed the love that they have for one another as well as the key to maintaining a successful marriage. In 2018, the producer said that the reason why she and her husband have been able to have a happy marriage is that they make time for one another.

Kidman has struggled with infertility in the past, but on July 7, 2008, she gave birth to her first biological child, a daughter named Sunday Rose, making her a mother for the very first time in her life.

The news was broken by spokesman Paul Freundlich, who also said that Keith was at his wife’s side throughout the delivery and that both the mother and child were doing well.

After a period of three years, Kidman was still unable to get pregnant, and the actress felt as if she had no option in the matter.

According to Freundlich, the newborn weighed in at a healthy six pounds and 7.5 ounces when it was first delivered. In conclusion, he disclosed the fact that the pair was thrilled to announce their good news to the rest of the globe.

A few months after the birth of her kid, Kidman provided further details about her pregnancy and discussed how she became pregnant at the age of 41. The actress said that she became pregnant while shooting “Australia” in Kununurra, which is located in the Australian state of Western Australia.

Kidman said that the waters of Kununurra, which she and the crew bathed in, were responsible for her becoming pregnant. According to the actress, who referred to the waters as “fertility waters,” seven kids were born over the course of filming the movie. Last but not least, she said that the water has some kind of extraordinary quality.

Through the process of gestational surrogacy, Kidman gave birth to her second biological child with Keith on December 28th, 2011, and named her Faith Margaret. After some time had passed, the actor from “To Die For” sent a statement to the press in which he revealed the news.

In the statement, Nicole Kidman referred to the arrival of her daughter Faith as a “true blessing” for her family and expressed gratitude for the experience. The happy mother wanted to express her appreciation to all of those who had shown support during the pregnancy, but she felt especially thankful to the gestational carrier.

Kidman has said that she and her husband were at their wit’s end trying to conceive again, so they ultimately decided to go the surrogacy route. The actress said that everybody who desired a kid felt the disappointment of attempting to have a child but being unable to do so owing to difficulties with fertility.

The candidate for the Oscar indicated that the issue of fertility was very important to her and that she would not shy away from discussing it. In 2012, she disclosed to the Australian magazine Who that she had made many attempts to conceive but was unable to do so. Kidman said that she had tried all in her power to have a child, including undergoing fertility treatments and doing her best to conceive a child.

Therefore, when the chance arose for her to test out surrogacy, she did not waste any time in taking it. Kidman was relieved that everything turned up well and showed her affection for Faith and Sunday. The actress reportedly said that she would give her life for her children and that experiencing such a sentiment constituted unconditional love.

Kidman wanted to have more children despite the fact that she already had two biological offspring. In 2017, the lady said that she had the desire to have another child.

However, because of the things that had happened in the past, she had some reservations. After a period of three years, Kidman was still unable to conceive, and the actress felt as if she did not have a choice in the matter. She stated to the People:

“If I had been given the option to have additional children, I would have done so immediately,” she said.

Despite this, she is overjoyed to be a mother and takes the responsibility of her job seriously. Kidman said to CNN that she was prepared to become a mother since she has already been a mother in a variety of capacities. She added that:

“I think that my desire to be a mother and my maternal instincts has been with me ever since I was a small girl… …and that plays a significant role in shaping who I am… Because I like playing the role of the mother so much, I decided to become one.”

At the moment, Kidman, Keith, Sunday Rose, and Faith Margaret enjoy a happy life in Australia, where they often attend local churches. Even though Keith adheres to his own set of beliefs, he goes to church with his family every Sunday. Kidman has said that she has a deep faith in God and hopes to instill the same values in her children.

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