There are several possible explanations for why a mother animal may turn down her young. Nevertheless, regardless of the reason, it is cruel since the young animals are too fragile, and as a result, they will become the prey of more dangerous creatures. The sight of a little kitten being rejected by her mother and not being safeguarded by her is thus quite upsetting.

This is the tragic story of Sansa, a thin little calico cat who was discovered yearning for her mother’s affection while she was all alone. Unfortunately, her mother did not show any interest in her and instead concentrated on looking after her older kittens.

Because she had not eaten in a long time, Sansa was reduced to a skeleton, but happily, a good-hearted guy called Alan came to her rescue and made the decision to become her new father. When he had his first encounter with Sansa, he was astounded by how frail she seemed to be.

Alan took the kitten in and helped her develop into a lovely calico cat over the course of many years. The small kitten had feet that were nearly exactly half his size, was hardly able to move, and all it wanted was to be loved.

After Sansa had settled down for a few days in her new home, she became more receptive to Alan and regularly snuggled up to him. This beautiful cat’s size and personality blossomed in a matter of weeks when she was just a few weeks old. Because Alan cares for Sansa so much, she is putting on weight and gaining strength.

Because Alan was aware that she need the affection and care of her mother, he ensured that she was never left feeling alone. He made sure she had enough to eat, took care of her, and of course gave her hugs. There is hope for miracles, just look at how beautiful Sansa has become.

By Anna

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