Indus’ husky malamute and timber wolf mix almost went completely crazy when his human father returned after being away for the holidays.

The Northwood, New Hampshire native Devin Ekstrom went out to attend basic training for the United States Military and didn’t come back for a whole year.

Morgan, who is also Ekstrom’s friend, made sure to videotape the moment when Ekstrom was reunited with his dog.

She had anticipated that it would be an emotional one, and Indus, who was just 2 years old at the time, did not let her down.

Morgan said that when Indus’s “dad” learned it was really him, he was astonished and overjoyed by the amount of love he had for his son. “I was crying with the rest of my family,” the speaker says.

On the footage, the Husky can be seen growling at a guy who is dressed in an army uniform and wearing very large boots. Indus is terrified by his father, who is dressed in such bizarre attire, that it seems that he cannot recognize him.

After that, though, Daddy gets down on his knees to get on the same level as his doggo. When they are facing one another, Indus is able to identify his father without hesitation.

“Is that all there is?” Morgan asks Indus.

Indus rushes up to his father immediately to give him a hug. And then she gives him a bear hug and smothers him with kisses. Then he becomes too thrilled to the point that he has to do some running about to make sure everyone knows that his dad is home.

He feels the urge to release all of that eager strength, so you may watch him pace back and forth for a while.

After that, it’s a quick trip over to his dad’s house for even more smooches, embraces, and pats on the back. Because Indus is so ecstatic to see his father, he can’t stop wriggling about and leaping up to give his father a hug.

The get-together that Ekstrom and Indus had ended up being really popular and was picked up by a number of different news agencies. People were really taken aback by the amount of affection and compassion that Indus had for his father.

According to the author of “Why Dogs Hump and Bees Obtain Depression,” Marc Bekoff, “There’s no doubt that dogs have incredibly detailed memories,” and he makes this statement to Pacific Standard. “They are able to identify certain persons. There is a lot riding on the relationship between receiving therapy and showing affection to one another.

According to the Pacific Standard, dogs often exhibit a range of emotions when their “human” returns home from deployment.

Some of them become so excited that they run in circles, while others climb their soldier or try to take them down. In this scenario, Indus was able to accomplish both goals.
Canines have a propensity to connect sentiments such as love, concern, and rage with the sensations that are offered to them by their human companions, such as what their human companions smell, hear, and seem like.

According to Stanley Coren, instructor emeritus at the University of British Columbia and author of “The Knowledge of Dogs,” “They essentially analyze this complex of sentiments, which is in reality a person and that will activate the emotion.”

When their carer leaves them, dogs often go through a period of mourning for some time.

Bekoff adds that ” It’s a loss — an unexpected loss — because the individual can not claim, ‘I will be back in two weeks.’ ” ” It’s a loss — an unpredictable loss — because it’s a loss.” “No one really understands too much about the dog’s memory in terms of when the dog slips into that condition of wondering whether a person is returning,” but this is something that researchers are looking into.

Nevertheless, in this particular instance, Indus’s father did return for further opportunities for fun and excitement. Take a peek at Indus in more pictures and videos on his Instagram page if you are interested in seeing more of his work.

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