Because their owners were expecting a child, Maggie and Ollie, two bully type dogs that were in a connection with one another, were surrendered to an animal shelter. Dogs suffer a great deal as a direct result of families turning their backs on their furry companions whenever there is a change in the composition of their family, but this is not an unusual occurrence.

Dave Bautista Adopted Two Pit Bulls Who Had Been Abandoned and Mistreated From a Sanctuary.

The broken link between the two people added to the emotional anguish they were experiencing. Followers were asked to share the following message from Rescue Me Tampa: “This is very upsetting that these 2 aren’t also housed together!!

They are completely oblivious to the actions that led to this consequence. It does nothing except hurt my heart. They spent every moment of their lives together!!!”

Among them was, “Could you please consider both of them at the same time. They suddenly abandoned all they had previously known and cherished. Even though they are not kenneled together and are not labeled as bonded, they have lived together ever since they were pups, thus in our perspective, that makes them BONDED!!”

The precarious and dismal circumstance in which the six-year-old litter of pups found themselves was very upsetting.

Just three days later, the sanctuary’s Facebook page made the ecstatic announcement that their hero had been revealed to be none other than the well-known actor Dave Bautista!

After bringing the two young dogs into his home, he immediately took to his own Instagram account to brag about his brand-new members of the family. He said that they needed him just as much as he needed them.

These absolutely beautiful infants were neglected and mistreated for the first six years of their life. And at this point in their life, they are going to spend the remainder of it being pampered and showered with affection.

According to Lisa Bricker, who serves as the coordinator of development at the nonprofit pet institution Frankie’s Friends, the following was shared with TODAY:

He has a huge compassion for animals, but I find what’s even more endearing about the way he bonds with pit bulls to be the effortless, compassionate, and unassuming manner in which he goes out to the canines and establishes a connection with them. He has an enormous heart for animals.

In Bautista’s ‘large, gated property,’ the Guardians of the Galaxy star allegedly pampered his dogs by providing them with ‘tempurpedic canine beds’ and ‘doggy doors everywhere.’

While the internet is praising him, Bautista is living it up with his two wonderful dogs who have a lot of reason to feel rewarded for their excellent behavior.

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