It is a terrible experience to have to say goodbye to a much-loved pet, and we can only begin to fathom the anxiety and heartache that pet owners go through when their companion animals disappear. However, there are those of them who never stop believing that they will be able to see their loved ones again.

A family in Turkey had to say goodbye to their adorable dog, Leo, around two months ago. The family was inconsolable, and they used every resource in their efforts to locate him, but to no effect. Despite the fact that they were unable to locate any trace of the cherished dog, Leo’s family never gave up hope.

When Leo’s owner son, Sertac Arac, was in a nearby town approximately 60 miles away for a business, he saw a dog that looked astonishingly similar to Leo. Since then, everything has seen a remarkable transformation as a result of this discovery.

The dog had made its home as a stray outside of a café and was free to roam the neighborhood. Due to his uncertainty, Arac decided to take a photo of himself and send it to his parents. After seeing the photograph, Arac’s parents were certain that the man in the shot was Leo, so they made a beeline for the café to confirm their suspicions.

The uncertainty was quickly put to rest when Leo unequivocally identified his family. In the video, Leo can be seen wiping away his tears while leaping on his owner and wagging his tail.

After being separated from his family and forced to live as a stray on the streets for two months, Leo was thankfully able to find his way back to them and be reunited with them. He is finally reunited with his family, who will love and care for him no matter what.

Watch the video below:

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