Meet Banu Cengiz, a pharmacist from Turkey who was recently caught aback when she saw a stray dog ambling eagerly in front of her store. The dog stood at the entrance with a confused expression on his face and stared at Banu Cengiz as if he wanted to communicate with her. According to what Cengiz told The Dodo, “she was gazing at me.” I inquired of my partner, “Baby, is there a problem?”

Banu Cengiz feared that anything was amiss and ran over to the dog, where she saw that the animal’s paw had been injured and was bleeding. The dog began wagging her tail and putting her damaged paw on Banu’s palm in order to express her need for assistance. She opened the door for the dog and then quickly began cleaning the wound with antiseptic. In addition to that, she provided the canine with food, drink, and medications.

After receiving the necessary medical attention, the exhausted canine slept on a dog bed until the facility closed for the day. Cengiz expressed his regret that he was unable to bring the woman back with him. “I’ve been dealing with animals living on the street for years. They get food and medical care from me, and I do everything I can to assist them in finding permanent homes.

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