A number of years ago, a stray cat by the name of Able Maew struggled to make it through life on the streets of Lat Prao, Thailand. Because of the unfortunate event in which Able lost his tail and two of his front legs, he was forced to relearn everything despite his terrible situation. Thankfully, he was rescued by some kind folks who also assisted him in finding a permanent home. Since then, he has found a warm and welcoming place to call home and has amassed approximately 175,000 followers on Instagram.

The event that caused Able’s injuries took place as he was pursuing a bird over the top of an apartment building. He fell from the roof while trying to catch the bird. Unfortunately, he was electrocuted, burnt, and came dangerously close to passing away after falling on a transformer.

Even though he survived the electric shock, his legs and tail were permanently injured as a result of the incident. He was fortunate in that a nice local lady took him into her house, nursed him, and helped gather money for the operation he needed.

The process of Able’s recovery following surgery was a lengthy and painful one, but he eventually learned to adjust to his situation. Able has spent the last 5 years honing his skills, and he is now comfortable with his life. He is capable of doing everything that any normal, four-legged cat would be able to accomplish.

FinFin is Able’s sister, and she was born with a condition that causes her hind legs to be paralyzed. She is incredibly quick and lively, much like her older brother, and because of this, she attempts to go about by moving her paralyzed back legs to the side and utilizing her front legs to travel to wherever she wants to go. This is because her back legs cannot move independently.

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