In 2001, the star of “Jerry Maguire” went through a divorce from his second wife, Nicole Kidman, and began a relationship with the star of “Dawson’s Creek,” Katie Holmes.

Their whirlwind courtship lasted for months before they made their first public appearance together, and an engagement soon after, in June of 2005, followed shortly after that. Holmes made the shocking discovery that she was expecting the couple’s first child prior to the two of them tying the marriage.

They made the happy announcement in October and expressed their excitement about becoming parents. They decided to purchase an ultrasound machine so that they could keep an eye on their child without leaving the house. On the other hand, the actor said that he would not reveal the gender of the kid to the public until after the child was born.

The happy event took place in April 2006, when the couple became parents to a little girl who measured 20 inches in length and weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces. They gave her the name Suri, which translates to “princess” in Hebrew and “red rose” in Persian.

Eight months after the birth of their child, the new parents had a stunning wedding ceremony in Italy for all of their family and friends. They went all out for the occasion, complete with fireworks and a medieval castle.

While Holmes wore a Giorgio Armani off-the-shoulder gown, the groom wore a blue Armani tuxedo with two buttons. Both of them looked absolutely lovely. Their daughter donned a garment by Armani made of white silk and tulle, similar to the one that her mother wore.

As her elder brother Connor carried her down the aisle, the audience could be heard uttering awestruck “Awwws” and even shedding a few tears here and there as they watched in rapt fascination.

Due to the fact that Cruise is a devout member of the Church of Scientology, the wedding was a standard Scientology service that lasted for twenty minutes. During the ceremony, the couple was instructed: “Never shut their eyes in sleep on a quarrel or an upset.”

After that, they gave each other Cartier Dia Eternity bracelets that were made of platinum and diamonds. Following the ceremony, the guests dined on risotto, parmesan-crusted fillet, and sea bass with artichokes while being serenaded by the Italian singer Andrea Bocelli. The meal was washed down with only the finest wine.

After their one-of-a-kind wedding, the couple started their new life together by focusing on becoming parents to their daughter and seemed to be having the time of their lives. However, five months after their wedding, rumors began to circulate that the couple was having difficulties in their marriage. These rumors first surfaced in the media.

According to many newspapers, Holmes lived in a “prison-like” setting, and Tom Cruise attempted to convert her to his spiritual ideas by coercing her to do so.

In response to the charges, Jenna Elfman, a friend of Tom Cruise’s who is also a member of the Church of Scientology, refuted the claims and said that they could not be farther from the truth if they tried. She stated to the People:

“They have a wonderful life together and have found true love in one another. The media is unable to have that experience for some unknown reason. They are required to provide stuff in addition to the straightforward nature of it.”

In the years that followed their extravagant wedding, Holmes often gushed about her love for her husband. She praised Cruise for introducing her to new experiences and even praised Cruise’s other children for calling her mom. Cruise’s children even referred to Holmes as their mother.

Nevertheless, all of that was about to change in July 2012, when Cruise was in the middle of filming an action-packed sequence for “Oblivion,” when he got a phone call that was absolutely terrible. Holmes had initiated the divorce proceedings and requested exclusive custody of their daughter, Suri.

Holmes was able to get full custody of her daughter with the assistance of her hard-charging attorney father and a devoted team of lawyers, while Cruise had to make do with generous visiting rights.

Rumors said that Cruise’s spiritual leanings were the cause of the couple’s decision to divorce, despite the fact that neither Holmes nor Cruise ever publicly explained why they decided to end their marriage.

After the speedy divorce and settlement, a source has stated that Cruise and Suri have taken to Skyping and messaging one another, but that their communication has significantly decreased.

According to a story from 2016, In Touch, since the couple’s divorce in 2013, Cruise has not visited his daughter. In 2018, Us Weekly also said the same thing. Since Cruise and Holmes split up, he has not seen his daughter in the 10 days a month that he is legally entitled to do so under the custody agreement.

According to many reports, because the Church of Scientology views Holmes as an “enemy,” Tom Cruise and, by implication, his daughter is unable to be affiliated with her in any way.

Tony Ortega, an opponent of Scientology, asserts that Holmes could have signed a non-disclosure agreement promising not to disclose anything negative about the religion or its practices.

Ortega further claims that Holmes was probably counseled against maintaining contact with her friend and former member of the Church of Scientology, Leah Remini since spending time with Remini would be seen as disrespectful to the organization.

In an interview with Us Weekly, Remini said that if Homes wanted to maintain custody of her kid, she was not even allowed to have a meal with Remini. Therefore, it is in Holmes’ and Suri’s best interests to refrain from discussing the religion or Remini, since doing so might put Remini’s parental rights to her daughter in jeopardy.

After being accused by a number of tabloids of abandoning his daughter, the actor is known for his role in “Top Gun” and has been able to avoid the allegations that he has not been in contact with his daughter for a number of years now.

Despite this, a close friend of Holmes’s revealed to HollywoodLife that the actor maintains contact with his daughter and gives her presents on special occasions like her birthday and Christmas. They added:

“However, Katie does not bring up the topic, other than to mention that Tom does, in fact, provide her with presents on certain occasions such as her birthday and Christmas. She doesn’t give a lot of information away.”

According to a story in 2019 published by HollywoodLife, Tom Cruise continued to adore his daughter and often thought about her, despite the fact that he would not be there on her birthday.

In addition to that, he provides a substantial amount of financial assistance for his daughter. According to TMZ, Cruise will reportedly continue to pay the sum of $400,000 every year until Suri reaches the age of 18. In addition to that, he is responsible for paying for his education, his time at college, his insurance, his dental and medical care, as well as the fees associated with his extracurricular activities.

Despite this, the effort is not directed only in one direction. In 2016, a source close to the situation revealed to Star Magazine, as reported by Now To Love, that Suri was in contact with her father. On the other hand, Holmes was unaware that this was taking place.

The claims surfaced when Suri was seen making a call outside of her school, and a source stated that Cruise was on the other end of the line. During the time that her mother was gone, it seemed that she had also been messaging her father.

Now, Remini is under the impression that Cruise is devising a cunning scheme to “lure” Suri. She asserts that Cruise is looking forward to the day when his daughter will be old enough for him to convert her to the beliefs of his religion and waits for that day.

In an interview with The New York Post, Leah Remini said that according to the current state of affairs, the Scientology church views Holmes as a repressive individual. Because Suri’s mother is considered an “enemy,” it is impossible for Cruise to be related to Suri. She went on to say that

I have no doubt that his ultimate goal is to wait until Suri is older before attempting to convert her to Scientology and steal her away from her mother.

Remini asserts that she knew Holmes while the latter was a member of Scientology and that she had seemed to be quite immersed in Cruise’s ideas at the time. Nevertheless, as time went on, Remini saw why Holmes had to act in the manner that she did in order to save her kid. Now, she is holding out hope that Holmes has some kind of deal in place to safeguard Suri.

Remini also expresses her gratitude to Holmes for rescuing her daughter from “something that might have been potentially extremely poisonous and hazardous for not just Suri but also for their relationship.” Remini adds she is proud of Holmes for her accomplishment.

In spite of the fact that it is impossible to know what will take place in the future, Holmes prefers to live in the present. Reportedly, she has even made the introduction between her daughter and her lover Bobby Wooten III. The two have already developed a bond with one another, and Wooten is Suri’s comic relief.

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