Two Texas police officers had just completed investigating a report of stealing at a local TJ Maxx when they were abruptly confronted by two very young kittens who need their assistance. In the parking lot of the business, the unfortunate kittens were huddled together behind a vehicle.

As soon as the cops emerged from the shop, they were greeted by the sound of teeny-tiny meows originating from someplace under the vehicle. They soon located the kittens and found out precisely where they were. One of the police officers, Joe Bob Adkins, took great care to crawl underneath the vehicle and carefully retrieve the little kittens (around 6 weeks old).

According to Lieutenant Jesse Minton of the Arlington Police Department, who spoke with The Dodo about the incident, “they discovered the kittens inside the bumper where most likely the mother cat had deposited them for some reason.” The owner of the vehicle said that she did not have a cat of her own and had no clue how the kittens got inside the vehicle.

Officer Adkins tried his best to reassure the kittens that they were loved and protected by bringing them back to the police cruiser as soon as they were out of danger. The more time the little kittens spent with their new buddy Officer Adkins, the deeper their feelings of adoration and affection for him became. Even though they tried to quit snuggling with him, they couldn’t help but snuggle up on his chest in the cutest manner possible.

The cops didn’t waste any time and rushed the kittens to the clinic as soon as they found them. To everyone’s relief, the kittens were found to be in a reasonably healthy condition. Because the kittens had been hiding out behind the automobile for such a long period, they were ravenous. Because of this, the cops gave them some infant formula out of a little bottle, and the children’s faces lit up with joy.

The two kittens have successfully adjusted to their new environment and have made themselves at home in Officer Adkins’ apartment. Adkins had no intention of bringing home two new family members on that particular day, but as soon as they started to snuggle up to him, he found that he couldn’t say no to them. He came to the conclusion that they should become a part of his family and gave them the names “TJ” and “Max.”

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