Morquio syndrome is an extremely uncommon genetic condition that was present at birth in Bella Burton, a girl from New Hampshire who is now 13 years old. Because of it, the teenager was no longer able to walk, and she did not believe that she would ever be able to do so again in the future. But since she met George, a 2-year-old kind and gentle huge service dog, everything in her life has been turned upside down.

Bella regained her ability to walk after being in George’s presence for a little less than six months. The girl revealed that when she had George, her leg muscles had become very weak, and it had been difficult for her to walk. However, after she got George, it kind of pushed her to move. It didn’t feel like work at all; rather, it was more like hanging out with all of my friends and the animals than the actual job.

When Bella was close to two years old, her family discovered that she had a problem. Ever since then, they have attempted several therapies, but none of them have been very successful in helping Bella. Then, they just learned about assistance dogs, and they felt it would be a good idea to try them out. It was via this process that Bella was paired with George. It took place at the Service Dog Project in Ipswich, Massachusetts, where she volunteered and was in the state of Massachusetts.

“When we observed how happy Bella was when she was among those dogs and how much she enjoyed coming to the park, we asked ourselves, “What are we waiting for?'” Rachel identified Bella’s mother as Alice.

Despite the fact that she has a great deal of compassion for animals, the dogs, with the exception of George, were not fond of her at first.

Bella shared her experience, “I began to volunteer at the service dog, and it was simply amazing because I got to spend time with all of my favorite animals all the time.” “Even though I loved each of the dogs, none of them liked me very much. Because of my voice, which is quite high pitched… At first, he made attempts to flee, but later on, after some time had passed, he stopped trying to escape and just remained. After that, I’d be trying to shrug him off, but he’d refuse to let me go.”

Since that time, Bella and the rest of her family have gradually begun to welcome George into their house, at first only on the weekends and then permanently. In little time at all, Bella and the assistance dog became inseparable buddies. But the gentle giant has proven to be more than simply a companion since, as a result of him, Bella is now able to engage in activities such as running, riding a bicycle, and even swimming.

Rachel said that George was aware of both what Bella required and the timing of her need for it. If she were to be having a good day and be able to walk faster, he would walk faster as well… He has become an integral part of the family unit at this point.

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