It was stated in the book “Finding Freedom” that Meghan Markle felt let down when Kate Middleton missed her introduction to the Royal Family. “Finding Freedom” was co-authored by British journalist Omid Scobie and American writer Carolyn Durand.

The event in question took place in November 2016 at Kensington Palace, and it was attended by Meghan Markle and her then-boyfriend, Prince Harry. During the gathering, Prince Harry’s elder brother, Prince William, was there.

The writers claim that the actress expressed “disappointment” at the fact that her future sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, was not there on that particular day:

“Meghan was dismayed that she did not have the opportunity to meet Kate, who was present at Anmer Hall with the couple’s children near Sandringham,”

The two went on to say that she quickly pushed the notion out of her mind since she and the Duke of Cambridge got along so well during the meet and greet. He had said how pleased he was to see his younger brother in a joyful mood earlier.

Naturally, Meghan Markle was apprehensive about meeting her future brother-in-law, who happened to be very protective of his sister. As a result, she anticipated that Prince William would question her in great detail about their relationship.

The future King of England was relieved that the meeting was successful since he had been looking forward to seeing the lady who had made his brother smile foolish smiles.

In order to avoid the workers, the three guests had tea in the Cambridges’ home kitchen. When asked subsequently how it felt to introduce Markle to the family, Prince Harry said that it was fantastic. He also mentioned that his brother and Middleton had long wished to meet the native of the United States.

After eventually meeting the Duchess of Cambridge and finding out that she and her husband were her neighbors, Markle claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge had been “kind to them.” The Duke of Sussex had said that his cousins the Cambridges were on board with the plan.

In February of 2022, the filmmaker Bidisha made the assertion that Middleton had even instructed the Duchess of Sussex on unknown English conventions before the latter’s marriage into the Royal Family. During an interview for the documentary titled “Kate: Our Queen in Waiting,” Bidisha stated:

It seems like Kate also trained Meghan in some of those English norms, which you may not think about as a newcomer to the country if you are an American.

It was rumored that Middleton would be the prominent member of the Royal Family to instruct Markle on how to behave according to the Queen’s protocol before her wedding to Prince Harry.

In spite of the fact that Middleton did everything she could to assist, the Express reported in August of 2020 that Markle felt her sister-in-law was not supportive throughout their time serving in high royal capacities.

According to royal writer Scobie, Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry has stopped her and Middleton from forming a strong sibling connection.

He noted that despite the fact that the two royal ladies were never at odds with one another, there was never even the slightest indication that they had a close friendship:

“They were never at odds with one another and never engaged in a ducal duel. They were merely two ladies who had a relationship on a very superficial level with one other.”

Scobie noted that although while they were able to form bonds during sporting events, there was a lack of depth in their sisterhood, particularly on Middleton’s side of the family. Markle was left in utter despair as a result of the lack of support from the Duchess of Cambridge.

It was said that she acted like “an extraordinarily cautious person” when it came to the “Suits” actor. According to an article published in The Mirror, Princess Charlotte “eased tensions” between her mother and the Duchess of Sussex, which helped the two of them form a connection of some kind.

When the families lived in the same neighborhood, the Sussexes and the Cambridges’ children spent more time together. It was around this time that Markle began to develop a deep affection for Middleton’s daughter. As a result of this, the royal ladies were unable to do anything other than making the atmosphere less tense while the children were there.

Markle and Prince Harry stepped down from their positions as senior royals in the year 2020, and a report published in January of that year said that she could not be happier with her life in the state of California. It was reported that her spouse shared her excitement about the new venture they were embarking on together. In addition, a source claimed to Us Weekly that Markle was completely taken aback by the way things turned out:

“The pressure is off Meghan. She has never been happy. She is relieved to be away from London at the moment. She was taken aback by how swiftly everything took place.”

In addition, tabloids claimed that she was responsible for Middleton breaking down in tears just before her wedding to Prince Harry in 2018. In an interview that took place in March of 2021 with Oprah Winfrey, Meghan Markle addressed the rumors and attempted to put the record straight.

When Winfrey cited claims that Middleton had caused Markle to weep in the days leading up to her royal wedding, Markle responded by saying, “No, the opposite occurred.” She went on to explain that her sister-in-law had been agitated over a certain issue. However, Middleton took responsibility for her role in causing Markle to weep.

The Duchess of Sussex said that Middleton personally apologized to her and even went so far as to buy her flowers and write a letter of apology. The exchange was over the clothes that flower girls wear, which is what led to her sobbing since it made her feel bad and damaged her emotions.

The Duchess recalled the episode and added that it was a busy week leading up to the wedding and that since it was so chaotic, she chose to let what had happened in the past remain in the past for the sake of maintaining peace.

In the days leading up to her wedding to Prince Harry, Markle experienced a great deal of anxiety. As a result, in order to calm her anxiety before the big day, she indulged in some pre-event pampering.

A rehearsal supper was held, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, together with their two elder children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, attended. After that, a facial and an energy-healing treatment were performed on the Duchess of Cambridge at Clivedon House.

Additionally, around this time, her father, Thomas Markle, was in the news for all the wrong reasons, which made headlines during this time. The Duchess of Cambridge broke the news to everyone only minutes before the wedding that her father would not be able to attend since he was scheduled to have heart surgery in Mexico and would be unable to travel.

There was a lot of controversy over Thomas’ expected absence before the wedding since there were stories that suggested he had a heart attack as a result of the stress generated by the paparazzi’s attention.

Additionally, he was humiliated when it was revealed by a British tabloid that he had conspired with a paparazzo to produce “candid” images of himself getting ready for his daughter’s royal wedding. These photos showed him preparing for the wedding of his daughter, Princess Eugenie of York.

St. George’s Chapel in Windsor was the location of Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding in May of 2018. They became parents to a boy named Archie and a daughter named Lilibet. The month of May 2019 saw the arrival of Archie.

In contrast to other members of the royal family, his mother did not immediately strike a pose for photographers after the birth of her son. In light of this information, the infant royal was publicly shown to the public two days later at a photocall that took place in St. George’s Hall inside Windsor Castle.

When it was stated by Oprah that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did not seem to care about the royal tradition, Markle quickly corrected her, noting that they had not been requested to take a picture in the first place:

“We were not given the instruction to take a photograph. This is just another aspect of the spin that was harmful. The idea crossed my mind, “Why don’t you simply tell them the truth?” Are you able to confirm to the people of the globe that you will not be awarding him a title? Simply explain it to everyone, and they’ll get it after that.’ However, they wouldn’t act in such a manner.”

Archie was not seen or photographed in public during the Platinum Jubilee, hence there are no public images of him from that time. On the occasion of their daughter’s first birthday, however, Prince Harry and Markle chose to post a photo of their daughter, whom they welcomed into the world in June of 2021.

A photograph of Lilibet, who was given her name in honor of the Queen, was shot by Misan Harriman, a friend of the family, when the Harrimans were hosting a picnic at their home at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor.

There is no photograph of the two of them together, despite the fact that the Queen is said to have finally met the person who shares her name over the Jubilee weekend. This is due to the fact that Her Majesty forbade the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to take a photograph of her with her great-granddaughter. A reliable source claims that the pair would have relished the opportunity to have captured the historic event on film:

“They hoped that their photographer would be able to record the moment when Lilibet first saw the Queen, but they were informed that this would not be possible. It was a private gathering of the family.”

Lilibet had a birthday celebration complete with a cake, balloons, picnic refreshments, and party games for her special day. Her parents threw her a little birthday celebration at their home and gave the birthday girl a pastel pink Volkswagen Beetle ride-on vehicle as a present.

According to royal analyst Neil Sean, who has a YouTube channel, Markle reportedly looking forward to the opportunity to reunite with Middleton when they were in the United Kingdom:

“It was incredibly important to Meghan Markle that she and Kate make amends, and she planned to use their children as leverage in their efforts to do so. That was never going to work out, regardless of how you look at it.”

Because they were duty-bound, the Cambridges were unable to attend Lilibet’s first birthday party. They took a trip to Wales for a surprise visit during the Jubilee in Cardiff. According to certain sources, Prince William is still hesitant when it comes to spending time alone with his brother.

On the other hand, a source close to the royal family said that the couple’s absence was not on purpose. “The fact that they occurred on the same day is only a coincidence. There was no intention to be condescending, “remarked the anonymous source. However, a formal invitation was sent to Prince William and Middleton by the Sussexes.

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