In this broken down society, it’s heartening to see that there are still individuals that have compassion for abused and neglected animals. A surveillance camera installed in an office building in Georgia recently took a picture that was considerably different from what the camera typically gets to view on a daily basis.

Crime prevention is a common use for surveillance cameras. On that particular day, though, it evoked nothing but pure feelings of devotion. A lady by the name of Nino Tabatadze was seen on video standing hand in hand with strays and speaking to them about what she felt was important for them to know.

Despite this, it was just a fragment of Tabatadze’s larger body of work as an animal rights activist.

Tabatadze has been spending her time outside of working hours at the workplace socializing with the stray dogs who live in her neighborhood by providing them with food, water, and making friends with them. In other words, her goal is to safeguard the pups’ well-being by giving them the impression that they are essential to her.

They get both food and water from me. According to what Tabatadze told The Dodo, “I become friends with them.”

There are many strays that make their homes in front of office buildings, and Tabatadze has seen several of them in the structure where she works. She has developed a warm and friendly relationship with them.

You can see by watching the video that these dogs adore her as well. Tabatadze describes them as “caring and warm” and also says that they are “eager to share their kinship.”

Tabatadze commented, “Having friendships with them brings me a great deal of happiness.” She continued by saying, “They warm the soul while educating.”

Seeing that they are cared for and loved may be the one thing that may really make Tabatadze happy. Our warmest greetings go out to the lady who always puts others first.

By Elen

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