He never forgets about the stray cats who dwell on the street, and if there is even the tiniest opportunity, he makes an effort to purchase food for them.

One way that a guy makes money to eat is by selling limes. Despite the large amount of money that Long will earn as a result of this, he will first purchase cola for his pals and then will purchase something for himself with the remaining funds. And if that isn’t enough, he’s willing to wait if that’s what it takes.

Together with his family, and he is well aware that despite him, they do not have anybody else on whom they can rely. after which they put it online, which attracted even more customers, some of whom brought food for their canine companions.

People who were willing to help in the past have even given homeless individuals brand-new clothes, given them haircuts, and offered to rent them a place to live. Lung, however, would not comply since he could not bear the thought of abandoning his dogs.

What exactly is this if it is not kindness and generosity? Long Dum is an excellent illustration of how, despite the fact that he has a need for basic necessities, he is willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his animal companions.

By Elen

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