Rebecca Lynch and her husband had just returned from a trip to Savannah, Georgia, and were on their way home when she made the spontaneous decision to stop somewhere along the road. While most people would choose to purchase souvenirs, Lynch decided to carry something with him that had more of a personal significance.

According to statements made by Lynch to The Dodo, “I heard Georgia had a lot of rural shelters that had a high kill rate, and I knew I wanted to rescue the dog who was the most in need from a shelter before flew home.” I was able to help out since I had space available in my vehicle.

Lynch heard about Lizzy, a young terrier that was in danger of being put down, through a local friend who lived in the area. Lynch claims that an unknown person brought Lizzy to the shelter when she was pregnant.

Lynch was aware that she could not subject the little dog, who also had a broken leg, to any more agony than was already necessary.

The homeless dog would have to travel to Florida for many hours, so the couple decided to make the trip as pleasant as possible for him by putting a bed and a blanket in the trunk of their vehicle. While her husband drove, Lynch sat next to Lizzy and gently patted her back as they traveled.

“I knew she was anxious and terrified, and all I wanted to do on the journey was calm her,” Lynch recounted. “I wanted to make her feel safe and secure.”

But in their efforts to reassure Lizzy, the pair may have gone beyond what was necessary.

Lynch remarked, “After about an hour, she ultimately calmed, and I was able to touch her as she stroked her small head into my fingers.” “She reasoned that it was time after she had reached a point where she was confident in her safety. When she began to breathe heavily and seem agitated, I yelled to my husband, “I believe she’s in labor!” and he immediately agreed.

In about twenty minutes, Lizzy was able to give birth to her first puppy while riding in the back of a vehicle. Lynch took on the role of a midwife, aiding the new mother in maintaining her composure and watching out for the wellbeing of all the infants.

Before they arrived at the veterinarian’s office, Lizzy had already given birth to three newborn pups. Lynch said, “She handled it like a pro!” We made a hasty trip to the veterinarian, who assured us that there was nothing to worry about.

According to Lynch, however, that was not the end of the story since Lizzie ended up having another puppy at the veterinarian and then two more on the way home. It was an incredible experience, and Lizzy proved to be an incredible role model for young mothers everywhere.

After an exciting journey to freedom, the young family is doing quite well for themselves. After a few more days at the clinic, Lizzy and her litter of six pups will be transported to Lynch’s home, where they will remain in temporary housing until they are old enough to be adopted permanently.

Lizzy acknowledges her good fortune and makes it very apparent to those who helped her that she is grateful for the opportunity to start again.

“Lizzy is such a lovely person.”

Lynch continued by saying, “Bless her heart, she is so loving and trustworthy despite all that she has gone through in her short life.” “She has a kind heart and is always willing to help others. It’s absolutely extraordinary.”

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