One devastating video catches the precise moment when one owner made the callous choice to hurl his dog out of the moving vehicle as if he were a piece of trash. The owner’s actions are shown in the video.

After the video of the dog being left became popular online less than twenty-four hours later, the happy ending of this story is that the stray dog was eventually adopted by a loving family.

When Joy Dominguez was out doing errands, she saw something on the side of the road and pulled over to investigate. At that point, she pulled out her phone and began capturing the heartbreaking footage that showed the dog being left on the side of the road.

The owner of the adorable husky puppy could be seen in the video recording walking away from the dog and abandoning it on the side of the road. Once letting his dog out of the car, the young guy was spotted going back inside the vehicle after he had done his business. He started walking in the direction of Horizon City, Texas, without turning around or looking back once.

Even though the dog was being naughty and chasing his owner’s car, the owner did not stop or pick up the unfortunate animal. It was a really difficult thing to witness and it broke my heart.

A statement was issued by the Constable’s Office of El Paso County, which read as follows: “These crimes against our voiceless animal victims are taken seriously, and we actively search for ways to hold suspects responsible for these horrible actions.”

After it had been saved, the small husky had to get to the veterinarian as soon as possible. He was fortunate in that he was found to be in excellent health and was taken in by a pet rescue team, where he was promptly made available for adoption right away. The hardship that the puppy had been through became public knowledge, and within twenty-four hours, he found a fresh new family with whom he would live forever.

The dog was given the name Nanook by the Clappsaddle family, who took their cue from the character’s appearance in the film The Lost Boys, which was released in 1987. Nanook is now a happy and thriving little man who is enjoying the best life he possibly can– just like any other dog should be able to.

The internet was swamped with comments from people who were upset and horrified by his prior proprietor’s harsh disposal of the adorable canine after they saw the sorrowful video of Nanook being left. These remarks were posted after individuals saw the video of Nanook being left.

One of the comments said, “Teary-eyed witnessing him rush after them, asking why they weren’t taking him with them,” which prompted an emotional response.

Someone another commented, “This occurs far more often than you could possibly think. I spent my childhood on a farm outside of a big city, and the assortment of animals that were left at the end of our road would undoubtedly infuriate you.

Nanook, on the other hand, was blessed with a warm and caring family that would never again subject him to any kind of physical or emotional mistreat, which is a positive development on which everyone could agree.

68-year-old Luis Antonio Campos and 17-year-old Moises Soto were identified as the two persons who left the dog, according to KTSM, which received this information from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Workplace. They are being accused of breaking the law by being cruel to non-livestock animals as well as by leaving them.

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