Tragically, Eliza June, a dog, was killed after her owners abandoned her on the road, which led to her being struck by a car. Her name was Eliza June.

Eliza June was disoriented, trembling, and weeping when a rescue team finally located her as a result of the horrific experience. Even though she could pull through the hardship, the shelter had difficulty coping with the psychological wounds she had sustained and labeled her as “very hostile.”

A woman by the name of Annie Morgan volunteered to take on the challenging duty of fostering Eliza. The poor dog was suffering from a shattered pelvis, fractured hip, and a bruised lung, but it was her mental traumas that translated immediately into unmanageable behavioral disorders. Her physical disabilities were only symptoms of her emotional injuries.

Eliza had acquired a profound aversion to physical contact with other people, and she would undoubtedly recoil in fear if she saw a chain or a collar. It took her some time at the beginning of Annie’s stay in foster care for her to warm up to her. Eliza pushed herself to her breaking point and retreated into her shell as if she anticipated that Annie would injure her.

Annie found it upsetting to see Eliza move her body in a way that was dominated by her fear, but she became even more determined to mend the baby’s brokenness as she watched. This film clip offers a harrowing look into the way Eliza fixes her broken spirit after discovering a sanctuary with Annie. It is a look that will break your heart.

It’s difficult to believe that the scared dog at the beginning of the video clip is the same dog who gives you sloppy kisses and wags its tail at the very end of the video clip! Eliza has not only matured into the nicest sweetie, but she has also managed to replace the word “foster” with the word “forever”! Annie and she have been a wonderful addition to our family.

By Anna

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