There is nothing quite like the sound of a youngster singing to put a smile on your face.

The sight of a child singing their heart out is one that is priceless and endearing all at the same time. It may also be a very humbling experience when they seem to be superior to you in some way, especially if they are genuinely better than you. Even more impressive is a little youngster performing a song that is decades ahead of its time. It is heartwarming to think that their parents have worked hard to instill in them their love and enthusiasm for music, so ensuring that the most cherished melodies will continue to be sung from one generation to the next.

Take for example Violet Burdick, who is just 5 years old.

She recently sang “Jolene” by Dolly Parton on Ellen, and everyone in the crowd was blown away by her emotional performance of the song.

Young Violet sang the country standard, accompanied on guitar by her father, to the delight of the studio audience as well as the rest of the globe.

In Scio, New York, Ryan Burdick has always been recognized as a musician in the community. It was quite natural for him to pass on this skill to his daughter.

Violet thinks of herself as the greatest Dolly Parton fan, and she didn’t think twice about chatting to Ellen DeGeneres about it before bursting out into the 1974 smash song.

Her performance is without a doubt the cutest thing anybody has ever done with the song.

Violet’s breakthrough on Ellen came about as a direct consequence of her family’s support and of a viral encounter she had with a celebrity.

Violet has been asked to perform on stage with her father’s band, The Ruddy Well Band, on several occasions. They have invited her to do so. When she was just four years old, she had a performance in which she sang Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors,” and the video of the performance received more than one million views on Facebook.

Violet was captivated by the music and the biography of Dolly Parton, and she shared her thoughts as follows: “Dolly Parton grew up in such abject poverty in a house with 11 siblings. Her mother took the rags that were given to her by a woman from church and stitched them into a coat for her daughter. Dolly was bullied at school and stated that the colors on her coat were taken from the Bible and worn by Joseph. You don’t understand it.”

Her father elaborated on the following for the Daily Reporter:

“When the video was released, a vendor who sells the Coats of Colors, which are sold at Dollywood, contacted us and wanted to give Violet a coat,” you can read. “When the video was posted, the Coats of Colors are sold at Dollywood.”

On the Dolly Parton fan site, another video was uploaded, and it quickly racked up an incredible four million views.

Although Burdick’s band was forced to take a break owing to family obligations and the spread of the epidemic, he never stopped making music with his daughter in their home studio.

His sister, who also happens to be Violet’s Aunt Erin, was the one who ultimately sent the viral footage to Ellen. The producers immediately contacted back in a hurried attempt to secure a space for Violet on an upcoming program in eager anticipation.

Dolly Parton is the object of Violet’s undying affection throughout the video.

You won’t want to miss out on seeing this really adorable version of a Dolly Parton song that can be seen in the video that is linked down below.

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