A Japanese Twitter user by the name of Ijnaoba1927 recently uploaded some images of the cats in his neighborhood dozing off with their heads propped up on parking bumpers as if they were pillows. The message rapidly gained widespread attention throughout the internet once it went viral.

These adorable photographs served as the impetus for a thread that eventually received more than one million likes, in addition to tens of thousands of retweets and comments. Many people replied saying they noticed something similar where they live, too. They did not neglect to contribute any photos that they had taken of their own cats lounging on parking bumpers, and the results are really cute.

You may see some photographs of cats using parking bumpers as cushions in the gallery below. Just keep scrolling down to see!

“When cats feel truly calm, secure, and protected, they will indicate it in how they have positioned themselves,” say experts in the behavior of cats. For instance, lying down with their bellies uncovered and their bodies completely spread out is a vulnerable position; thus, they only adopt this posture when they have a sense of security and confidence in their surroundings.

These felines like to laze about on parking bumpers and even slumber with them pressed against their heads. When they are resting in such a position, it is obvious that they experience feelings of security and contentment. In other instances, though, we get the impression that they are too slothful to keep their heads up, so they make use of the blocks as supports.

Cats are the prettiest animals no matter what they are doing, even if all they are doing is lounging about.

We think it’s adorable how this cat has his left leg crossed over the right one.

It is keeping an eye on you and evaluating your every action…

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