“He has discovered a means by which he may make himself known. He’s incredibly brilliant.”

Some dogs beg for rewards. This shrewd puppy more than covers his expenses.

Negro, a kind and affectionate black dog, has made his home on the grounds of the Diversified Technical Education Institute of Monterrey Casanare in Colombia for the better part of the last five years. There, he acts in the capacity of a guardian of sorts, observing the goings-on around him as pupils pursue their academic pursuits.

In exchange for his services, the teaching staff at the school takes care of Negro by providing him with food, hydration, attention, and a warm bed to spend the night in among them.

However, it would seem that the dog has come to the conclusion that everything after that is entirely up to him.

When Negro first started working at the school, he didn’t know about the tiny shop on campus where students congregated to purchase products during their lunch breaks. Sometimes, kids would buy him cookies that were sold in that store.

It would seem that this is the place where the dog was first exposed to the concept of business, after which he made the decision to engage in commercial activity for himself.

According to a statement made by a teacher named Angela Garcia Bernal to The Dodo, “He would go to the shop and observe the youngsters donate money and get something in response.” “Then one day, he came out of the blue with a leaf in his mouth, wagging his tail, and making it clear that he desired a cookie.”

After the dog understood that his money can actually be found growing on trees, it has been a frequent occurrence, as you could guess.

According to Gladys Barreto, a longstanding shop attendant, “He comes for cookies every day.” this was reported to The Dodo. “Every time he pays, he uses a leaf. It is something he buys on a daily basis.”

Even more incredible is the fact that the astute dog has been doing this for quite some time now. The staff has ensured that he is only receiving goodies that are suitable for dogs to consume, and they restrict his purchases to no more than two each day (to stave off inflation in both the leafy currency and his waistline).

Nevertheless, it is a lovely sight to take in and contemplate.

Bernal said that at first glance, the sight “nearly makes you want to weep.” “He has discovered a means by which he may make himself known. He’s incredibly brilliant.”

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