Airports are a pain overall, but they become much more so when your flight is delayed. The two veterans of World War II are here to remind everyone that life is too short to be upset, and they are going to do this by not being annoyed themselves. Everyone should get up and dance instead of allowing themselves to get emotionally invested in circumstances over which they have no control, such as a flight that is delayed.

Two servicemen who had served in World War II made the decision to spend their free time at Reagan National Airport, which is located outside of Washington, District of Columbia.

At the Reagan National Airport, there was a delay with an aircraft to Kentucky, which was carrying a large number of returning veterans to their homes in Kentucky. It was a free journey to Washington, D.C. provided by the Honor Flight Network, a non-profit organization that honors veterans of the United States military by providing transportation to the nation’s capital at no cost. The Ladies of Liberty made the decision to sing for their country’s heroes after realizing that a large number of veterans were stranded at the airport. They weren’t planning to perform any songs from today; instead, they planned to sing patriotic songs from decades ago in honor of the veterans.

The Andrews Sisters’ version of the popular song “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” from World War II was the tune that the Ladies of Liberty decided to perform.

Veteran Marin Perryman could not control his feet the instant the music started playing, and he had no choice but to jump up and dance.

Even though Marin is in his nineties at this point, the music has transported him to when he was much younger. Marin still has all of the finest dancing skills, and she is not at all shy about showing them off. Paul Kopey, also a World War II veteran, doesn’t hang around for very long before he decides to join in on the fun dancing. After being taken to the Ladies of Liberty, Paul Kopey immediately joins in their dancing as he gets there.

Although these two veterans are no longer required to wear their combat boots, you won’t see them taking off their dance shoes any time soon.

One female observer decided that she could not pass up the opportunity to dance to the patriotic song with actual World War II veterans, so she joined in on the dancing with the two guys. She begins to dance with Paul Kopey, but the charming Marin Perryman taps his fellow veteran on the shoulder and asks for the opportunity to dance with the young girl instead.

Watching the two war veterans dance as if it were still the 1940s brings a smile to one’s face. It is very evident that both of the guys have maintained the same spirit and level of dancing ability ever since they were young men in the 1940s.

Everyone moved from being irritated because of a delayed trip to participating in the show by singing, dancing, or applauding along with it.
It’s possible that the finest moment of the video is at the very end, when Marin, Paul, and their dancing partner all embrace one another and laugh as the song comes to a conclusion. They were all having a wonderful time, as seen by the grins on their faces. We are grateful to Grace Gupton for taking footage of the veterans dancing and uploading it to the internet. The lady who had joined the two veterans in dancing saw the video and left the following comment:

“Oh, my gracious!” I had a great time dancing with these guys! It’s not every day that a veteran of World War II can dance better than you! Even after getting up early and spending the day walking all around Washington, DC, these veterans still have an incredible amount of energy!

Thank you for your service, Marin Perryman and Paul Kopey, and for inspiring us all to keep dancing and having fun.

You’re going to want to spend the rest of your day smiling after seeing this complete video of their dance performance.
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Watch the video below:

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