Love, dedication, and the ability to see beyond a partner’s shortcomings in order to devote one’s life to another person are the pillars around which the institution of marriage is built. I think that when we find the person who is meant to be our soulmate, we are able to know it in a manner that is difficult to describe. It’s nothing more than a hunch on my part.

On the other hand, there is no way for us to know for certain whether the future we share with that person will turn out the way we have seen it. Many times, we find ourselves questioning whether or not we have made the greatest decision and whether or not everything will work out for the best.

A lady by the name of Maggie was ready to say her wedding vows to the love of her life, Caleb Earwood, who she had known since childhood. She had no idea, however, that just minutes before she was to go down the aisle, she would be enlightened to something extremely profound and private that he had shared with her. After being posted online during the Memorial Day weekend, an image that was taken on the day of her wedding and was taken by the wedding photographer Dwayne Schmidt has gained widespread attention. The narrative about it has been featured on ‘Good Morning America,’ ‘Fox and Friends,’ all the way up to ‘Today Show,’ and even beyond than that.

Maggie’s future husband couldn’t help but feel compelled to say a prayer beside her as she prepared to make that momentous trek down the aisle toward the altar. They observed the custom associated with weddings by avoiding eye contact with one another before to the official beginning of the marriage. They were holding hands behind their backs, with their eyes closed, and their backs turned to each other. At that same moment, Caleb prayed to God, asking him to bless their upcoming marriage.

After seeing the soon-to-be-married couple engaging in such an intimate and heartfelt exchange, the photographer Schmidt realized it was important to capture the scene in a shot. When he looked around at all of the teary eyes and overwhelming affection that was pouring into the room, he could hardly hold his calm.

Caleb Earwood said in an interview with TODAY that the two of them were ready to take their first steps in life together, and they didn’t want to take that first step unless it was in the will of God. “I prayed to God for the fantastic family that I was marrying into, as well as for my beautiful and clever bride that he had gifted me with.”

When Maggie first took hold of the hand of her future husband, she immediately had a clear picture of the kind of marriage she was about to enter into. She felt lucky.

“When I first touched his hand, he was shaking very terrible, so I knew he was extremely anxious,” Maggie recounted. “When I first took his hand, he was trembling really bad.” “It was a relief to me to learn that the person I was getting about to marry had the same feelings about God as I had.

The photograph of Maggie and Caleb touched the hearts of many people. It served as a good reminder to us that we should never be satisfied with anything less than what these two have.

Our hearts are filled with joy for them, and we hope for them the very best that life has to offer.

By Elen

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