It should come as no surprise that dogs are the most common pet kept all across the globe. They have been recognized as the best friend of humans for many generations, during which time they have protected and served humans. And for the personnel at a petrol station in Tamaulipas, Mexico, the devotion of dogs became gloriously clear after he assisted a staff member who was being robbed by armed criminals after he aided a staff member who was being robbed by armed criminals.

The fearless dog’s name is Randy, and he used to be a stray until the employees at the petrol station took him in and gave him a forever home two years ago. When the stray youngster was found walking about near the petrol station, he seemed malnourished and terrified. Therefore, the workers at the petrol station made the decision to adopt him and provide him with a home for the rest of his life.

Once, two masked and armed bandits entered the station and demanded that the attendant who was working that shift unlock the office where the money was being stored. They started punching the worker in the face and shoving him to the ground before beginning to abuse him.

Randy, who had been dozing off in the station’s warehouse, abruptly woke up and ran in to chase the criminals away and defend the employee from the vicious armed robbers. Thank goodness Randy was there to save the day.

Who knows how things might have turned out if it weren’t for Randy’s involvement? It would be amazing if additional gas stations and businesses also have rescued pups available for adoption. We have high hopes that more communities will be motivated to find homes for strays like Randy.

Watch the video below:

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