This unfortunate cat was in the wrong location at the wrong time, and both of those things were his fault. However, the firemen who were there at the right moment and at the right position to preserve it were fortunate. The cat was dangling by its body after getting its head caught in the drain of the storm drain. This was making it difficult for the cat to breathe normally. We are very fortunate that these lovely guys arrived and were able to rescue him/her. They saved a fatality that would have been very traumatic for everyone involved.

A kitten of one year’s age remained trapped inside of a storm drain. The most infuriating thing was that the cat’s head got caught in one of the openings when it was hanging upside down below the grate.

According to a post made by the Winchendon Fire Department on their Facebook page, “When we arrived, the cat was hardly breathing and moving as she was hanging from the grate.”

In order to allow the cat to breathe, the firemen removed the grate off the vent.

They then used dish soap, which then put around the cat’s neck, and they carefully moved his head back into the grate. They were able to liberate the animal within a couple of minutes after beginning this process.

What a fortunate kitten! I am relieved that he or she has been given a second opportunity at life. Talk it over with your pals!

By Elen

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