A woman called Sherry Noppe, who was 63 years old and lived in Houston, Texas, left her house a week ago and brought her black Labrador named Max with her for a walk; however, neither of them ever came home.

Having just been diagnosed with dementia, Noppe had been missing for about three days when a large number of volunteers and officials began their hunt for her. At the end, they were able to find her in George Bush Park, right next to her dog Max, who was three years old and lived in the house adjacent to hers. The park has 8,000 acres.

Noppe was found in the park a few hundred yards away from her house, as stated by Michael England, a family friend of the Noppes who assisted in the search and rescue operations.

Sherry Noppe’s brother, Justin Noppe, told Khou that the dog barked as the two people got closer to Sherry because he was trying to protect her. “As they got closer to her, I presume that’s what caused him to howl because he was defending her,” Justin Noppe said. “Therefore, I believe that his barking is what caused those people to hear him, travel to that spot, and discover her.”

Therefore, I am of the opinion that he did, in fact, save her life. “When they really discovered her, they heard him snarling and barking, and that’s how they knew it was him,” he said.

Sherry Noppe was located in the woods on Friday morning around three o’clock by a group of dedicated volunteers and replacements who were alerted to the area by the sound of her dog, Max, barking in the woods, according to a declaration made by Harris County Constable Ted Load, which was included in a police report.

Noppe suffered only minor injuries, such as cuts and bruises, but she was not seriously hurt. As a result of her dehydration, she was eventually treated with fluids after being taken to the hospital.

According to Sherry Noppe’s daughter, Courtney Noppe, “She’s doing fairly well given how long she’s been out there and the challenges that we were expecting: the heat, the rain.” Sherry Noppe has been in the wilderness for quite some time. “We’re really delighted.”

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