During the lockdown, a little dog by the name of Egbert found himself on a list of people who were to be put to loss, and he had no idea how he got there. Because the only people who had ever loved him did not want him anymore, he found it impossible to believe that anybody else would embrace him. He’s just two years old and already has a lot of life ahead of him. To our great relief, the veterinarian sent the canine patient to Sidewalk Specials instead.

They committed themselves to finding him a permanent home and to raising money for his medical care as their top priorities. And now, Egbert is known as Dusty, and he is really enjoying the life of his dreams! The dog just made a new best buddy, and the two of them spend all day playing together. Celebrations of birthdays include the gifting of toys and food, and sleep periods are not only comfortable but also abundant. This is how it should be!

Watch the video below:

By Anna

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