Animals have continuously imparted onto us invaluable knowledge about generosity and companionship, and it would seem that they do it in a manner that, at times, is incomprehensible to humans. This time, it is a kind-hearted dog that demonstrates to the whole world how important it is to share what we have with others who are less fortunate.

TikToker Afonso de Paula has posted a heartwarming video on his account showing a young dog doing a beautiful gesture of charity for another canine companion.

The moment when a puppy, who had somehow gotten himself inside a yard, approached what seemed to be a stray dog and offered it a blanket was seen on surveillance video.

We do not know if the orange puppy just wanted to play with the dog on the other side of the gate or whether he wanted to give the other dog a present of his blanket.

Both possibilities are possible. But one thing is for certain: whatever he does is done from the heart!

Even though it was just 30 seconds long, the movie was emotionally powerful enough to instantly connect with millions of internet users and touch their hearts. And a good number of them had quite endearing responses to the video. One reader commented that the dog had more sentiments than a lot of people have, and they meant it (translated from Spanish). While another said, “What a wonderful attitude, that is exactly why I adore animals!”

By Elen

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