This is Pinocchio, who was only three months old when he was saved by some kind people.

They gave him with the necessary affection and attention to recover.

The newborn was born with various health issues, in addition to having a very unique and peculiar physical appearance.

It made him seem in a really unique manner. This condition is known as a congenital abnormality.

Friends for Life Rescue Network came to his aid and took care of him when he was rescued.

When he was brought in, he seemed to be in such terrible shape.

He enjoys nothing more than dozing off in a toasty bed for an extended period of time these days. He is making a gradual recovery.

Pinocchio appreciates those who came to his aid and always delights in the care and attention that they lavish upon him.

Because of them, he is a very content cat that experiences feeling protected and at ease in that location.

The cat is already quite active, and it runs about gleefully in all directions. Getting brand new toys is one of his favorite things to do.

The animal shelter is filled with awe and admiration for him.

The formerly feeble and sickly cat is now a healthy and joyful member of the household.

He delights in being the focus of everyone’s attention at all times.

He will be eternally thankful to his loving guardians for not only rescuing him but also providing him with a second opportunity at life.

By Elen

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