Do you ever find yourself wondering what to do on lengthy flights? Listening to music, reading books and periodicals, putting together puzzles, participating in games, watching movies, and other activities are some of the ways in which you might occupy yourself. Your lengthy trip will go by in the blink of an eye if you do it this way.

However, the longer the journey is, the greater the likelihood that passengers may engage in unusual behaviors in order to amuse themselves throughout the flight. And the noteworthy traveler in this tale is going to reveal to you the sweetest thing that he performed to amuse himself throughout the long journey so that you may learn from his example.

Huxley, the cheerful and adorable dog, was going on his very first trip from London to Ibiza, and he couldn’t contain his excitement. However, when he and his mother had taken their seats, he began to experience feelings of boredom. “He was seated in the seat next to me but got in a temper which is something he frequently does when I don’t give him enough attention,” Ursula Daphne Aitchison, Huxley’s mother, said in an interview with The Dodo. “He gets in a mood which he sometimes does when I don’t pay him enough attention.”

But a little time later, Huxley was able to come up with an excellent plan for entertaining himself during the lengthy journey. He made the choice to move away from his mother and take a seat close to the guy who was in front of them. The guy couldn’t contain his excitement as he greeted his new four-legged pal. Huxley disregarded his mother totally while he was playing with his new best buddy and continued to do so until he saw that his mother had opened a snack.

“When he heard me munching my crisps, he abruptly altered his tune,” Aitchison claimed. Huxley tried to get his hands on his mother’s snacks by sticking his head between the seats, but he was unable to do so. And the rest of the passengers couldn’t help but crack up at his goofy expression.

He proceeded to make his mother and the other passengers laugh with his ridiculous expressions until he became tired of even that and went back to playing with the other people in the car. He kept his fellow travelers entertained during the majority of the journey. He also demonstrated to the rest of the passengers on the airline that he is unquestionably the prettiest dog in the whole wide universe. And because of Huxley, the duration of the trip seemed like it was over in a second.

According to Aitchison, “He stayed thirty minutes in that seat; the guy next to him stated he was a very excellent traveler, and the fellow across the aisle was snapping selfies with him.” Huxley would repeatedly provide him with his paw for him to grasp. He made a lot of people laugh, and the guy who was standing next to me asked if he could snap a picture of him so he could email it to his daughter.

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