Hercules, the most cutest dog ever, lives in a garbage dump in Turkey. He was notorious for climbing up on people’s cars to greet them when they were tossing trash away. It was as if he was pleading with them to take him home with them.

Regrettably, no one ever took him up on his offer. It could be because he was unclean due to the garbage he was surrounded by.

Amanda Cunefare, a volunteer for Rescuers Without Borders (RWB), a canine rescue organization in Turkey, told The Dodo that the dog would “cling to every passenger” and “jump up on the windows of the car.” He was the kind of dog who enjoyed spending time with his human companions.

Regrettably, at this location, approx. 800 dogs were kept in appalling conditions, and their welfare was neglected. The dogs never stopped looking for food and for somewhere cold to lie down.

Cunefare continued, “On top of that, there is no potable water and there is a severe lack of food.” You have to contend for resources with eight hundred dogs, and if you want to keep warm, you’ll have to bury yourself in heaps of garbage. It’s a terrible, terrible place to be forced to call home for a number of years.

A young Turkish woman by the name of Gocke Erdogan began providing the stray dogs at the garbage with food and ensured that they received the necessary medical attention they required. At that point, RWB formed a partnership with Erdogan to assist more than 47 of the refugees in relocating to new homes while also supplying them with food and medical care.

Because senior dogs and puppies have the hardest time surviving on their own, RWB has made the process of rehoming them a priority.

Hercules was easily distinguishable from the other canine companions. Cunefare offered an explanation, saying that the dog was “desperate” to get out. “He saw clearly with his eyes what needed to be done.”

After Cunefare adopted his closest friend, Dudas, the Hercules was not doing so well: Cunefare shed some light on the situation by stating that “Gocke had contacted my friend.” “She’d said she was reluctant to ask, but she needed to know whether she could send Hercules to me because Dudas had left and he wasn’t doing well,” I said. “She’d said that she was reluctant to ask.”

It turned out that Hercules and Dudas were actually best friends at the landfill, and Dudas had become a sort of surrogate mother to Hercules.

Cunefare expressed his sorrow by saying, “My heart broke.” “I responded, ‘That’s horrible,'” she recalled saying. Should I have known that, they both might have been able to make the trip.’ I can’t even begin to fathom how heartbreaking it must have been for him to see her go, but I’m sure it was. Because of this, I responded by saying, “Unquestionably, send him over.”

Hercules was allowed to move to the United States by Cunefare so that he could live with Cunefare and Dudas on the property that is two acres in size. The joy that ensued when Hercules and Dudas were reunited was beyond description. Cunefare went on to say that they were able to identify one another almost immediately. They were having a good time by running around and playing.

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