Moving into a new area can sometimes be a very stressful experience for people. But not if you have a mysterious admirer who surprises you with flowers on a daily basis; Well, that’s precisely what happened to Rosie when she moved into her new house in the United Kingdom!

“For a long, it was only a legend that it was her until yesterday when I was cooking and noticed her leaping down with a pink flower in her mouth,” Rosie said to Love Meow. “Until yesterday, I was cooking and spotted her jumping down with a pink flower in her mouth.” “I was really ecstatic that I went to video it because she’s so adorable and I’d never seen a cat ever bring back anything but little animals before.” “I’d never seen a cat ever bring back anything but small animals before.”

The revelation that someone sends flowers to the lady every day and leaves them on the front porch took the woman by complete surprise. When she found out that the mysterious admirer was really a very sweet and friendly cat called Willow, she was so shocked that she could not believe what she was seeing. In the meanwhile, she discovered that Willow loves giving presents to all of her neighbors. Particularly to those who were kind enough to allow her to sleep on their porches. And why not, in the comfort of their own homes! And please don’t get me wrong, Willow did have her own home; but, it would seem that living the life of a visitor is more enjoyable.

“We live on a street of terraced homes that backs into another street of terraced houses with a type of garden corridor between,” Rosie explained. “Our street backs onto another street that also has terraced houses.” “Willow lords over about six of the gardens, and I’m quite sure that she gets fed by everyone because it’s really tough to say no to her because of how difficult she is to say no to.”

It is quite evident that all of Willow’s neighbors adore her and provide her with a variety of tasty gifts due to their affection for her. But once everything is said and done, there really is no other way to deal with such a sympathetic and amorous neighbor, is there?

By Elen

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