Anne O’Connell adopted a black Lab puppy when she was just 2 months old from a local animal shelter. That was 14 years ago. He had accidentally been placed inside of a shopping trolley. Anne had made up her mind that she would not have a puppy, but she couldn’t help but carry Cherry home with her.

Anne and her fiance Jamie, who also works in the field of veterinary care, are engaged. They tied the knot in September, and Cherry, who was just 14 years old at the time, had a significant role in the ceremony. The dog was found to be suffering from a sickness this year and was in a very terrible state of health.

His illness had become worse in the week leading up to the wedding, and Anne had planned to say her goodbyes to him at that point. On the other side, Cherry had absolutely none of these issues throughout the wedding. He didn’t seem like he was in his normal state.

He was the one who brought the proprietor to the altar! However, he was unable to make the trip back. Sister Anne was kind enough to take him up and carry him. Everyone was affected emotionally as a result of it being such a dramatic event.

After a week had passed, there was still no sign of Cherry. In order to avoid waking up, he went to sleep in a calm and pleasant manner in front of the stove at home, where he was surrounded by a family that loved him. The author reflects on the last 14 years, saying, “It’s been a tremendous 14 years.” Anne is quoted as saying, “It can’t be denied.”

By Elen

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