This is evidence that there really are happy endings to stories like this. Any animal lover’s heart is certain to melt after reading this heartwarming tale from the Humane Society of Cathlamet County, North Carolina.

Gus, who was 19 years old at the time, was brought to the shelter in the middle of September. He had been abandoned by his previous owner when they found themselves in a situation in which they were unable to care for him on their own any longer.

“His owner was heartbroken,” and “the thought of them having to rehome their beloved feline would be upsetting to anyone, but they are unable to do otherwise due to unforeseen circumstances.” “His owner was heartbroken” and “the thought of them having to rehome their beloved feline would be upsetting to anyone.” And thankfully, the cat shelter adopted an elderly woman named Penny who was 101 years old.

Once Gus arrived at the shelter, a health screening was performed on him. “We brought Gus in and proceeded to undertake a health check and discovered that at 19 years young, Gus was in exceptional health,” the shelter said.

“Naturally, we would want to take good care of Gus, but living in a shelter is not ideal, especially at his age,” said Jane Bowers. “But living in a shelter is not ideal.”

After just a few weeks had passed since the cat had arrived at the shelter, they were contacted with a very specific request. The family of the woman who was 101 years old “contacted the shelter” in order to adopt an elderly cat for their grandmother. She had just just lost her cat, and even though they had given her a plush cat, she was unhappy since it didn’t purr. She had lately lost her cat.

“We were cautious because of the presence of all pets, but the family said that they were willing to care for the cat on their mother’s behalf,” Bowers writes. “We were concerned because of the presence of all pets.” It was a “mitch made in heaven,” and the adoption was finalized in a short amount of time.

The bond between Gus and Penny formed almost immediately, and it didn’t take the house cat very long to adjust to its new surroundings. Right this moment, Gus is feeling quite content in his new place of residence, watching the squirrels.

When asked whether things are going well for Gus and Penny, Bowers reveals that Gus “made himself at home and is eating like a horse” in response to the question.

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