Coming from the rough terrain, four puppies aged one and a half months made their way towards the settlement on their hind legs. They noted that an adult dog had discovered something good to eat and was defending it while it was in its possession.

This village had a limited population, most of which consisted of tourists that came during the summer. They regularly disappeared without a care in the world, which led to a growth in the number of animals living on their own without human care.

He is familiar with the experience of being left behind since he has been there before.

The puppies’ extreme hunger caused them to ignore the fact that the dog was rather large and approach him nevertheless. The fact that the dog was dozing off next to a dish of food made it more appealing to the puppies.

Initially, it was only natural for him to be taken aback, but the puppies would not give up. One of the old women who had just fed the dog said that the dog was responsible for bringing the children to visit her.

She reported that she was already ill and that she would have to leave the dog behind in order to go to the city to be with her daughter. She said that she would have to leave the dog behind. The volunteers were successful in finding them, and now they are doing all in their power to provide for their needs in preparation for the long and harsh winters that are expected.

By Elen

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