The condition of White, a stray kitten, was revealed to be appalling when she was found on the side of the road. There was no time to spend since the cat was in such poor condition. Raquel, a young girl, was the one who came upon the infant and brought him to the shelter with the intention of getting him help there.

However, the shelter was already at capacity, and the cost of restoration would have been high if it had been attempted; the shelter did not have sufficient funding. Raquel couldn’t stand the thought of abandoning this little kitty, so she started giving him food.

She was the one who drove him to the veterinarian facility, where he immediately started receiving treatment. In spite of the disbelief expressed by the veterinarian, the young girl did all in her power to preserve the cat, and she gave it back to Raquel the next week.

White now lives in a lovely and convenient apartment that provides him with everything he needs. Now that all of his difficulties are behind him, he is completely healthy and has developed into an energetic and happy cat. He is happy that he overcame all of them.

This was a result of the overwhelming amount of love and attention that was bestowed upon this little cat. I would want to express my gratitude to the young woman for rescuing such a wonderful and endearing kitty.

By Elen

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