Viktoriia Otdielnova was born in Ukraine, but she has spent the last six years of her life in Florida, which is located in the United States. The strange appearance of the lady, who is a good photographer and lives with her cat named Kitzia (which means ‘kitten’), has drawn the attention of many people on the Internet. She looks to be very angry all the time and lives with her pet.

The young lady is particularly fond of taking pictures of Kitzia and her gloomy expression; she created an Instagram account for Kitzia, and in the very first post, Viktoria claimed that despite the fact that the kitten seems to be in a bad mood, she is, in fact, rather friendly.

According to Bored Panda, many people on the internet believe Kitzia might replace Grumpy Cat as the internet’s most famous grumpy cat due to the fact that she has a facial expression that is very similar to Grumpy Cat’s. This adorable kitty already has close to 45,000 people following them on Instagram.

The expression on this young girl’s face is unmistakably one of displeasure, and her mother loves capturing it on camera so that she may show off her daughter’s unique personality.

When we look at her pictures, we might get the impression that she is plotting some dastardly scheme to take over the world, or we might even be able to relate to her expression when we think back to what it’s like to get out of bed on a Monday morning, but in reality, it’s just a cat that’s acting very irate.

The pictures of this little kitty, who usually seems so furious, are the cutest and most entertaining thing imaginable.

By Elen

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